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Je vais
I'm going / I go
Tu vas
You are going / You go (singular)
Il va
He's going / He goes
Elle va
She's going / She goes
On va
One's going / One goes
Nous allons
We're going / We go
Vous allez
You're going / You go
Ils vont
They're going / They go (m)
Elles vont
They're going / They go (f)
aller au match
to go to the match
faire les magasins
to go shopping
faire du patin à glace
to go ice-skating
manger au fast-food
to eat ina fast-food restaurant
faire du skate
to go skateboarding
voir un spectacle
to see a show
jouer à des jeux vidéos
to play video games
venir chez moi
to come to my house
tu veux venir?
do you want to come?
tu peux venir?
can you come?
on se retrouve quand?
when will we meet?
à quelle heure?
at what time?
Tu y vas avec qui?
Who are you going there with?
A plus
See you soon
A plus tard
See you later
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