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to cool out
to calm, appease; to relax
to hold up
to obstruct or delay
Let's shake on it.
Let's shake hands.
to nudge
to push against gently, especially in order to gain attention or give a signal
cut it out!
stop it!
a volley
rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms
to butt in
to hit or push against with the head or horns; to interfere
to bash
to strike with a crushing or smashing blow
to resent
to feel bitter or angry about something, especially because you feel it is unfair (I deeply ~ed her critisism
a means
syn. methods n. ways
dull; lacking color; cheerless
to revolve around
to center on; to circle around; to have to do with
to brood
to sit on in order to hatch; think deeply or worry anxiously; N: the young of certain animals; group of young birds hatched at one time
to dissipate
to squander; to vanish by slowly dispersing
a jerk (person)
a dull stupid fatuous person
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