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stand by
1) remain loyal especially in a difficult situation 2) watch passively 3) be ready for action
stand for
1) represent 2) tolerate; put up with
stand in for
replace somebody temporarily
stand out
be very noticeable or prominent/different
stand up for
stand up to
resist; stay in good condition
be taken aback
be strongly surprised (negative feeling)
take after
look like
take something back
admit that one was wrong in what one said
take down
1) lengthen a garment (let down) 2) separate into pieces in order to repair or remove 3) write down (British)
take in
1) give accomodation/home to 2) deceive
take for
identify somebody or something incorrectly
take off
1) remove (clothes) 2) copy somebody's speech or manners especialy for fun, imitate (British)
take on
1) undertake responsibility 2) employ
take somebody out
take somebody to the theater, etc.
take over
take control or responsibility
take to
like (British)
take up
begin to do something as a hobby
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