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get about
(of news, a rumour, etc.) move around; spread
get something across
make something understood
get away from
1) escape 2) leave
get along with
have a friendly relationship
get at
1) reach 2) imply/suggest
get away with something
avoid being punished for something
get somebody down
make somebody depressed
get off
1) avoid punishment 2) descend from a bus, train, etc.
get on
1) enter a bus, train, etc. 2) manage
get on with
continue, often after interuption
get over
1) return to usual state of health, happiness, etc. after something bad 2) overcome
get around
coax; persuade somebody by kindness
get through
1) finish work 2) reach somebody by phone
give away
1) give something for free 2) reveal (a secret, etc.)
give off
give back
give in
1) surrender 2) hand in
give out
give up
1) stop (smoking, etc.) 2) surrender/stop trying
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