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Je vais au marche.
I'm going to the market.
Tu vas à pied.
You're going on foot.
Elle va recontrer quelqu'un.
She's going to meet someone.
Il va retrouver ses amis.
He's going to meet up ...
Nous allons en voiture.
We're going by car.
Ils vont à la maison.
They're going home.
J'allais en France.
I was going to France.
Le week-end, tu allais à la bibliothèque.
On the weekends you used ...
S'il allait à l'Allemagne, il aurait un billet.
If he was going to ...
Nous allions à la rivière tous les jours.
We were going to the ...
Vous alliez à sa maison tous les soirs.
You were going to his ...
Je suis allée à la piscine
I went to the swimming ...
Tu es allé a la campagne.
You went to the countryside.
Il est allé au jardin.
He went to the park.
Nous sommes allés au concert.
We went to the concert.
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