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abrutir qqn
to make someone stupid, to stultify someone
aboutir à
to lead to
rendre abruti
to render stupid
une redevance
a license fee, charge
un audimat
an audience rating
un panel
a panel
la démagogie
s'échiner à faire qqch
to toil away at something, ...
la bouffonerie
le bouffon
the buffoon
un répertoire
a notebook with thumb index
prôner qqch
to laud/advocate something
Jean Vilar
founder of the Théatre Nationale ...
Gérard Philipe
famous film and theatre actor whose strong performance in the Albert Camus play, Caligula, brought an invitation to work with the Théâtre national populaire (T.N.P.) in Paris.
jansenist (adj.) (theology)
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