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Perfect tense (with être)

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je suis allé
I (m.) went / I have gone
je suis allée
I (f.) went / I have gone
tu es allé
you (singular; familiar; m.) went / you have gone
tu es allée
you (singular; familiar; f.) went / you have gone
il est allé
he went / he has gone
elle est allée
she went / she has gone
nous sommes allées
we (f.) went / we have gone
nous sommes allés
we (m.) went / we have gone
vous êtes allés
you (plural; m.) went / you have gone
ils sont allés
they (m.) went
elles sont allées
they (f.) went / they have gone
je suis arrivé
I (m.) arrived
tu es partie
you (singular; familiar; f.) left / you have left
il est venu
he came
elle est morte
she died / she has died
nous sommes nés
we (m.) were born
vous êtes entrée
you (singular; polite; f.) entered / you have entered
ils sont sortis
they (m.) went out
elles sont restées
they (f.) stayed / they have stayed
je suis tombé
I (m.) fell / I have fallen
tu es rentrée
you (singular; familiar; f.) returned
au parc
to the park
à la piscine
to the swimming pool
à l'église
to the church
aux magasins
to the shops
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