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to sense, to feel, to move sb, to be affected
to give off, to risk
to burn, to have a fever
tripe;| belly
to relax, leisurely
head, hair, chief
to hurt, ache, to love dearly
to die
to save, province, to leave out
to stand, to set up
doctor, medicine
courtyard, institution
husband, man
to give, for
to check, to examine, to inspect [jian]
to inspect, to examine, to research [cha]
to speak, to explain, to emphasize
to touch, to be affected by;| action in progress verb suffix
cool, cold
to harm, evil, harmful
to fear, to be afraid of
disease, to fall ill
extremely, too (much)
severe, strict, tight
heavy, serious;| to repeat
to annotate, note, to inject
idea, meaning, opinion
to rest, to breath, interest (loan)
bar (drinks);| suggestion particle
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