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How Much(money)
duō shao qián
How much is this?
Zhège duōshǎo qián?
Have or don't have?
yŏu méi yŏu?
What is this?
zhè shì shén me?
This is ...
zhè shì……
You can
ké yǐ
hǎo de
I don't understand
wǒ bù míng bái
Too expensive
tài guì le
How about a little less?
Pián yi yì diǎnr?
How old are you?
Nǐ duō dà le
I am ten years old
wǒ shí suì
Yes, a little.
huì, yīdiǎndiǎn
Excuse me(lit. "may I ask")
Excuse me(asking people to move)
That's alright, no problem! - "Reply to Excuse me"
Méi guānxi!
bào qiàn(or duì buqǐ)
Would like(Lit. To think)
I would like Spicy.
Wǒ xiǎng là.
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