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Grammar - Part 28

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Chi preferisci dei due?
Who do you prefer of the two?
Preferisci la birra o il vino?
Do you prefer beer or wine?
Preferisco Londra a Roma
I prefer London to Rome
Come preferisci il caffè?
How do you prefer your coffee?
Lo preferisco con latte
I prefer it with milk
Ho voluto vedere la mostra
I wanted to see the exhibition. Sono voluto andare a letto presto
Volevo andare in banca, ma era chiusa
I wanted to go to the bank, but it was shut
Avrei voluto vedere quel film
I would have liked to see that film
La cena viene servita alle otto
Dinner is/gets served at eight o’clock
La cena va servita alle otto
Dinner should be served at eight o’clock
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