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je fus
I was
tu fus
you were (sing.)
il fut
he was
nous fûmes
we were
vous fûtes
you were (plur.)
ils furent
they were
j' eus
I had
tu eus
you had (sing.)
il eut
he had
nous eûmes
we had
vous eûtes
you had (plur.)
ils eurent
they had
je fis
I did
tu fis
you did (sing.)
il fit
he did
nous fîmes
we did
vous fîtes
you did (plur.)
ils firent
they did
j' allai
I went
tu allas
you went (sing.)
il alla
he went
nous allâmes
we went
vous allâtes
you went (plur.)
ils allèrent
they went
je dus
I had to
tu dus
you had to (sing.)
il dut
he had to
nous dûmes
we had to
vous dûtes
you had to (plur.)
ils durent
they had to
je vins
I came
tu vins
you came (sing.)
il vint
he came
nous vînmes
we came
vous vîntes
you came (plur.)
ils vinrent
they came
je mis
I put
tu mis
you put (sing.)
il mit
he put
nous mîmes
we put
vous mîtes
you put (plur.)
ils mirent
they put
je commençai
I began
tu commenças
you began (sing.)
il commença
he began
nous commençâmes
we began
vous commençâtes
you began (plur.)
ils commencèrent
they began
je dirigeai
I directed
tu dirigeas
you directed (sing.)
il dirigea
he directed
nous dirigeâmes
we directed
vous dirigeâtes
you directed (plur.)
ils dirigèrent
they directed
je mangeai
I ate
tu mangeas
you ate (sing.)
il mangea
he ate
nous mangeâmes
we ate
vous mangeâtes
you ate (plur.)
ils mangèrent
they ate
je pus
I was able (to)
tu pus
you were able (to) (sing.)
il put
he was able (to)
nous pûmes
we were able (to)
vous pûtes
you were able (to) (plur.)
ils purent
they were able (to)
j' obtins
I got
tu obtins
you got (sing.)
il obtint
he got
nous obtînmes
we got
vous obtîntes
you got (plur.)
ils obtinrent
they got
je sus
I knew
tu sus
you knew (sing.)
il sut
he knew
nous sûmes
we knew
vous sûtes
you knew (plur.)
ils surent
they knew
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