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je devins
I became
tu devins
you became (sing.)
il devint
he became
nous devînmes
we became
vous devîntes
you became (plur.)
ils devinrent
they became
je tins
I held
tu tins
you held (sing.)
il tint
he held
nous tînmes
we held
vous tîntes
you held (plur.)
ils tinrent
they held
je m'assis
I sat
tu t'assis
you sat (sing.)
il s'assit
he sat
nous nous assîmes
we sat
vous vous assîtes
you sat (plur.)
ils s'assirent
they sat
je dis
I said
tu dis
you said (sing.)
il dit
he said
nous dîmes
we said
vous dîtes
you said (plur.)
ils dirent
they said
je connus
I knew a (a fact)
tu connus
you knew (a fact) (sing.)
il connut
he knew (a fact)
nous connûmes
we knew (a fact)
vous connûtes
you knew (a fact) (plur.)
ils connurent
they knew (a fact)
je pris
I took
tu pris
you took (sing.)
il prit
he took
nous prîmes
we took
vous prîtes
you took (plur.)
ils prirent
they took
je bus
I drank
tu bus
you drank (sing.)
il but
he drank
nous bûmes
we drank
vous bûtes
you drank (plur.)
ils burent
they drank
je crus
I believed
tu crus
you believed (sing.)
il crut
he believed
nous crûmes
we believed
vous crûtes
you believed (plur.)
ils crurent
they believed
je vécus
I lived
tu vécus
you lived (sing.)
il vécut
he lived
nous vécûmes
we lived
vous vécûtes
you lived (plur.)
ils vécurent
they lived
j' écrivis
I wrote
tu écrivis
you wrote (sing.)
il écrivit
he wrote
nous écrivîmes
we wrote
vous écrivîtes
you wrote (plur.)
ils écrivirent
they wrote
je compris
I understood
tu compris
you understood (sing.)
il comprit
he understood
nous comprîmes
we understood
vous comprîtes
you understood (plur.)
ils comprirent
they understood
je lus
I read
tu lus
you read (sing.)
il lut
he read
nous lûmes
we read
vous lûtes
you read (plur.)
ils lurent
they read
je crûs
I grew
tu crûs
you grew (sing.)
il crût
he grew
nous crûmes
we grew
vous crûtes
you grew (plur.)
ils crûrent
they grew
je conduisis
I drove
tu conduisis
you drove (sing.)
il conduisit
he drove
nous conduisîmes
we drove
vous conduisîtes
you drove (plur.)
ils conduisirent
they drove
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