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j' ai dû
I have had to
tu as dû
you have had to (sing.)
il a dû
he has had to
nous avons dû
we have had to
vous avez dû
you have had to (plur.)
ils ont dû
they have had to
je suis venu(e)
I have come
tu es venu(e)
you have come (sing.)
il est venu(e)
he has come
nous sommes venu(e)s
we have come
vous êtes venu(e)(s)
you have come (plur.)
ils sont venu(e)s
they have come
j' ai mis
I have put
tu as mis
you have put (sing.)
il a mis
he has put
nous avons mis
we have put
vous avez mis
you have put (plur.)
ils ont mis
they have put
j' ai commencé
I have begun
tu as commencé
you have begun (sing.)
il a commencé
he has begun
nous avons commencé
we have begun
vous avez commencé
you have begun (plur.)
ils ont commencé
they have begun
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