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je serai
I will be
tu seras
you will be (sing.)
il sera
he will be
nous serons
we will be
vous serez
you will be (plur.)
ils seront
they will be
j' aurai
I will have
tu auras
you will have (sing.)
il aura
he will have
nous aurons
we will have
vous aurez
you will have (plur.)
ils auront
they will have
je ferai
I will do
tu feras
you will do (sing.)
il fera
he will do
nous ferons
we will do
vous ferez
you will do (plur.)
ils feront
they will do
j' irai
I will go
tu iras
you will go (sing.)
il ira
he will go
nous irons
we will go
vous irez
you will go (plur.)
ils iront
they will go
je devrai
I will have to
tu devras
you will have to (sing.)
il devra
he will have to
nous devrons
we will have to
vous devrez
you will have to (plur.)
ils devront
they will have to
je viendrai
I will come
tu viendras
you will come (sing.)
il viendra
he will come
nous viendrons
we will come
vous viendrez
you will come (plur.)
ils viendront
they will come
je mettrai
I will put
tu mettras
you will put (sing.)
il mettra
he will put
nous mettrons
we will put
vous mettrez
you will put (plur.)
ils mettront
they will put
je commencerai
I will begin
tu commenceras
you will begin (sing.)
il commencera
he will begin
nous commencerons
we will begin
vous commencerez
you will begin (plur.)
ils commenceront
they will begin
I will buy
tu achèteras
you will buy (sing.)
il achètera
he will buy
nous achèterons
we will buy
vous achèterez
you will buy (plur.)
ils achèteront
they will buy
je pourrai
I will be able (to)
tu pourras
you will be able (to) (sing.)
il pourra
he will be able (to)
nous pourrons
we will be able (to)
vous pourrez
you will be able (to) (plur.)
ils pourront
they will be able (to)
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