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que je parlasse
(that) I spoke
que tu parlasses
(that) you spoke (sing.)
qu'il parlât
(that) he spoke
que nous parlassions
(that) we spoke
que vous parlassiez
(that) you spoke (plur.)
qu'ils parlassent
(that) they spoke
que je finisse
(that) I ended
que tu finisses
(that) you ended (sing.)
qu'il finît
(that) he ended
que nous finissions
(that) we ended
que vous finissiez
(that) you ended (plur.)
qu'ils finissent
(that) they ended
que je vendisse
(that) I sold
que tu vendisses
(that) you sold (sing.)
qu'il vendît
(that) he sold
que nous vendissions
(that) we sold
que vous vendissiez
(that) you sold (plur.)
qu'ils vendissent
(that) they sold
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