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que je fusse
(that) I were
que tu fusses
(that) you were (sing.)
qu'il fût
(that) he were
que nous fussions
(that) we were
que vous fussiez
(that) you were (plur.)
qu'ils fussent
(that) they were
que j' eusse
(that) I had
que tu eusses
(that) you had (sing.)
qu'il eût
(that) he had
que nous eussions
(that) we had
que vous eussiez
(that) you had (plur.)
qu'ils eussent
(that) they had
que je fisse
(that) I did
que tu fisses
(that) you did (sing.)
qu'il fît
(that) he did
que nous fissions
(that) we did
que vous fissiez
(that) you did (plur.)
qu'ils fissent
(that) they did
que j' allasse
(that) I went
que tu allasses
(that) you went (sing.)
qu'il allât
(that) he went
que nous allassions
(that) we went
que vous allassiez
(that) you went (plur.)
qu'ils allassent
(that) they went
que je dusse
(that) I had to
que tu dusses
(that) you had to (sing.)
qu'il dût
(that) he had to
que nous dussions
(that) we had to
que vous dussiez
(that) you had to (plur.)
qu'ils dussent
(that) they had to
que je vinsse
(that) I came
que tu vinsses
(that) you came (sing.)
qu'il vînt
(that) he came
que nous vinssions
(that) we came
que vous vinssiez
(that) you came (plur.)
qu'ils vinssent
(that) they came
que je misse
(that) I put
que tu misses
(that) you put (sing.)
qu'il mît
(that) he put
que nous missions
(that) we put
que vous missiez
(that) you put (plur.)
qu'ils missent
(that) they put
que je commençasse
(that) I began
que tu commençasses
(that) you began (sing.)
qu'il commençât
(that) he began
que nous commençassions
(that) we began
que vous commençassiez
(that) you began (plur.)
qu'ils commençassent
(that) they began
que je dirigeasse
(that) I directed
que tu dirigeasses
(that) you directed (sing.)
qu'il dirigeât
(that) he directed
que nous dirigeassions
(that) we directed
que vous dirigeassiez
(that) you directed (plur.)
qu'ils dirigeassent
(that) they directed
que je mangeasse
(that) I ate
que tu mangeasses
(that) you ate (sing.)
qu'il mangeât
(that) he ate
que nous mangeassions
(that) we ate
que vous mangeassiez
(that) you ate (plur.)
qu'ils mangeassent
(that) they ate
que je pusse
(that) I were able (to)
que tu pusses
(that) you were able (to) (sing.)
qu'il pût
(that) he were able (to)
que j' obtinsse
(that) I got
que tu obtinsses
(that) you got (sing.)
qu'il obtînt
(that) he got
que nous obtinssions
(that) we got
que vous obtinssiez
(that) you got (plur.)
qu'ils obtinssent
(that) they got
que je susse
(that) I knew
que tu susses
(that) you knew (sing.)
qu'il sût
(that) he knew
que nous sussions
(that) we knew
que vous sussiez
(that) you knew (plur.)
qu'ils sussent
(that) they knew
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