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Conjugation - Subjunctive Imperfect - Irregular II

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que je devinsse
(that) I became
que tu devinsses
(that) you became (sing.)
qu'il devînt
(that) he became
que nous devinssions
(that) we became
que vous devinssiez
(that) you became (plur.)
qu'ils devinssent
(that) they became
que je tinsse
(that) I held
que tu tinsses
(that) you held (sing.)
qu'il tînt
(that) he held
que nous tinssions
(that) we held
que vous tinssiez
(that) you held (plur.)
qu'ils tinssent
(that) they held
que je m'assisse
(that) I sat
que tu t'assisses
(that) you sat (sing.)
qu'il s'assît
(that) he sat
que nous nous assissions
(that) we sat
que vous vous assissiez
(that) you sat (plur.)
qu'ils s'assissent
(that) they sat
que je dormisse
(that) I slept
que tu dormisses
(that) you slept (sing.)
qu'il dormît
(that) he slept
que nous dormissions
(that) we slept
que vous dormissiez
(that) you slept (plur.)
qu'ils dormissent
(that) they slept
que je disse
(that) I said
que tu disses
(that) you said (sing.)
qu'il dît
(that) he said
que nous dissions
(that) we said
que vous dissiez
(that) you said (plur.)
qu'ils dissent
(that) they said
que je connusse
(that) I knew a (a fact)
que tu connusses
(that) you knew a (a fact) (sing.)
qu'il connût
(that) he knew a (a fact)
que nous connussions
(that) we knew a (a fact)
que vous connussiez
(that) you knew a (a fact) (plur.)
qu'ils connussent
(that) they knew a (a fact)
que je prisse
(that) I took
que tu prisses
(that) you took (sing.)
qu'il prît
(that) he took
que nous prissions
(that) we took
que vous prissiez
(that) you took (plur.)
qu'ils prissent
(that) they took
que je busse
(that) I drank
que tu busses
(that) you drank (sing.)
qu'il bût
(that) he drank
que nous bussions
(that) we drank
que vous bussiez
(that) you drank (plur.)
qu'ils bussent
(that) they drank
que je crusse
(that) I believed
que tu crusses
(that) you believed (sing.)
qu'il crût
(that) he believed
que nous crussions
(that) we believed
que vous crussiez
(that) you believed (plur.)
qu'ils crussent
(that) they believed
que je vécusse
(that) I lived
que tu vécusses
(that) you lived (sing.)
qu'il vécût
(that) he lived
que nous vécussions
(that) we lived
que vous vécussiez
(that) you lived (plur.)
qu'ils vécussent
(that) they lived
que j' écrivisse
(that) I wrote
que tu écrivisses
(that) you wrote (sing.)
qu'il écrivît
(that) he wrote
que nous écrivissions
(that) we wrote
que vous écrivissiez
(that) you wrote (plur.)
qu'ils écrivissent
(that) they wrote
que je comprisse
(that) I understood
que tu comprisses
(that) you understood (sing.)
qu'il comprît
(that) he understood
que nous comprissions
(that) we understood
que vous comprissiez
(that) you understood (plur.)
qu'ils comprissent
(that) they understood
que je lusse
(that) I read
que tu lusses
(that) you read (sing.)
qu'il lût
(that) he read
que nous lussions
(that) we read
que vous lussiez
(that) you read (plur.)
qu'ils lussent
(that) they read
que je conduisisse
(that) I drove
que tu conduisisses
(that) you drove (sing.)
qu'il conduisît
(that) he drove
que nous conduisissions
(that) we drove
que vous conduisissiez
(that) you drove (plur.)
qu'ils conduisissent
(that) they drove
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