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Nazis promised work and bread
How did the Nazis appeal to the working class
biggest group of voters
Why were the support of the working class important to the Nazis
the communists
Who many of the German Working Class support
recover their savings (that they lost in the Great Depression)
What did the middle class believe Hitler would do
scared of the communists
How did the Nazis appeal to the middle class
abolish private ownership
What did the Middle Class think the Communists woud do
traditional values
How did the Nazis appeal to the middle class
only confiscate land if owned by the Jews
What did Hitler promise farmers to get their support from 1928
scared of communism
Why did big buisnesses support the Nazis
they put money into the Nazi Party
how did the Nazis benefit from the support of big Buisnesses
Hitler's passionate speeches / atmosphere of the rallies
How were young people attracted to the Nazi Party
claimed best for the family
How did the Nazis try to appeal to women
July 1932
By when was the Nazis the biggest party in the Reichstag
March 1932
when did Hitler run against Hindenburg in the Presidential elections
SA and SS
Which groups did Chancellor Bruning ban in April 1932?
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