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Rohm had 3 million loyal members
why was Hitler scared of the SA
400 (including 150 SA senior members)
Over 4 days about how many people were killed in "The Night of the Long Knives" without trial
August 1934
when President Hindenburg died aged 87
who took over the President's job immediately, while remaining as Chancellor
totally loyal supporters to Hitler
who were the SS
in charge of all state security sevices
One of the SS' role during Hitler's dictatorship
carry out the policy of racial purity / to run concentration camps
One of the SS' role during Hitler's dictatorship
Hermann Goering
who set up the Gestapo in 1933
The SS
Who was put in charge of the Gestapo in 1936
speaking negatively about the Nazis
what did the Gestapo arrest people for
How many people by 1939 were arrested without commiting any criminal offences, but ,for example, for speaking badly of the Nazis
when was the first concentration camp set up in Dachau
when were the concentration camps used for forced labour (e.g. producing army uniforms)
6 (holding 200,000 people in total)
how many concentration camps were there by 1939
mass murder of the minority groups (e.g. Jews)
After 1939 what were the concentration camps used for
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