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Self Report Studies
Asked respondents to reveal crime they've committed. These studies are less widely used than victim surveys plus there anonymous
Discovered using self report studies that juvenile crime was NOT a WORKING CLASS problem. He found middle class juveniles committed crimes too but were less likely to be caught
Used self report studies to discover that most people admitted to committing some crime at some point in their life
Alarmist Headlines
Made by tabloid papers often use these to grab attention, it's been argued that these exaggerate the chances of being a victim which creates fear and panic in the population
Home Office Statistical Bulletin
Revealed that those who read tabloid newspapers I.e. The Sun were likely to be worried about likely to be worried about crime compared to those who read broadsheets i.e. Economist or didn't read papers at all
Fletcher and Allen
Identified that your location, age and health and experience of crime all hugely affect the fear of crime in an individual
Pantazis and Gordon
Discovered poor household were most likely to fear crime yet it's the richest who are more likely to be victims of crimes
Why do the poor fear crime
They know they are too poor to but replacements in case of bulgaries and they are too poor to insure their property. The rich may still fear vulgarly but they know they can afforded to replace stuff
Commit the most crime, the peak age for criminal activity is 18 for men and 15 for women
Youth Lifestyle
It's argued young people commit more crimes because they are more likely to be on the STREETS or CLUBS where most property I.e. Pick pocketing and mugging
Six Times
If your 16-25 young you are this much more likely to be a victim of crime than those aged 25 and older. This is due to young people circulating in an area where there are increases opportunities for crime
Visible Crimes
Young people commit crimes like vandalism that's more like to be witnessed whereas older people are more likely to commit fraud which isn't easily seen
Social Stereotypes
There exists stigma that young people commit more crimes than older people which means the police monitor young people more than older social groups which means young people are more likely to get caught
Youth Convictions
Once in court young people are more likely to be convicted partly because they can afford expensive lawyers fees
This is tiny percentage of prison population that women make up (HM Prison service)
58% of male Prisoners
Released from prison are RE-CONVICTED within 2 years
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