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Rural vs Urban crimes

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Metropolitan Police
This London based force during 2003-2004 recorded 43% of ALL CRIME in the UK. Which only indicates how concentrated crime is in not only London but urban communities in general
Higher density populations
Means in cities theres more chances for robbery and property crime
point out that in rural areas the close knit community people are connected through close personal relations, thereby people are less likely to commit crimes like burglary as they have a strong connection with potential victims
urban areas have more crime generating areas such as warehouses, shopping centres, car parks, red light districts etc
Larger police forces
mean that more crime is likely to be detected due to more manpower. Police in rural areas may have relationships with some offender so may let them off with a warning instead
Routine Activity Theory
Felson's theory that for crime to occur a suitable victim, motivated offender and absent guardian is needed. And in Urban areas there are MORE suitable victims and less guardians as communities arent close knit
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