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Mass Media and crime

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suggests that there is a backwards law with the media constructing images of crime and justice which are the backwards version of reality. i.e. the media exaggerates certain crimes like murder as which makes them seem common even when there not
presents postmodernist idea of hyper- reality which suggests that the media do not reflect reality but actively creates it, as most peoples only knowledge of crime is through the media.
notes that even though crime in England was falling he found that THREE QUARTERS of the population wrongly thought it was rising undoubtedly due to media reports that exaggerated crime
Argues that young people can enter a state of drift as they learn who they are. In this state of drift young people may join gangs or involve in petty crime. They then will justify their behaviour as only temporary lapses of criminality
As Young points to with his bulimic society theory, the media can create people to crave for luxuries in life and in order to get them may turn to crime
The idea that potential criminals can take their anger out through violent games or films rather than actually committing the crime
Just like the boys in the James Bulger case, violent games and media can make some individuals copy out criminal acts. Games like Grand Theft auto can promote crime
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