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State Crimes

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(State Crime) The inhumane treatment of humanes. Gaddafi regime was guilty of torturing opponents. The US Guantanamo Bay has been accused of torturing individuals
target killings for instance the Russian state is widely believed to be behind the 2006 murder by radiation poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in London
Mass murder belonging to a particular group. Hitlers Nazi regime murdered 6 million jews
Crimes of Obedience model
Was developed by Kelman and Hamilton and emphasizes violent state encourages obedience by those who actually carry out state backed systematic human rights abuse
making it clear to individuals they are acting in accordance with official policy, and with explicit state authority and support
This involves the promotion of some groups being portrayed as sub human species who normal human rights do not apply to them
This involves organizing certain actions that they become part of a regular routine and can be performed in a detached way. For instance Nazi SS workers went to the camps gased many individuals but were able to go home at the end of the day, this normalizes the acts