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ik beita
I bite
þu beitis
you bite (s)
is beitiþ
he bites
wit beitos
we bite (d)
jut beitats
you bite (d)
weis beitam
we bite (pl)
jus beitiþ
you bite (pl)
eis beitand
they bite
ik báiþ
I bit
þu báist
you bit (s)
is báiþ
he bit
wit bitu
we bit (d)
jut bituts
you bit (d)
weis bitum
we bit (pl)
jus bituþ
you bit (pl)
eis bitun
they bit
ik beitáu
I bite (subj)
þu beitáis
you bite (s) (subj)
is beitái
he bites (subj)
wit beitáiwa
we bite (d) (subj)
jut beitáits
you bite (d) (subj)
weis beitáima
we bite (pl) (subj)
jus beitáiþ
you bite (pl) (subj)
eis beitáina
they bite (subj)
ik bitjáu
I bit (subj)
þu biteis
you bit (s) (subj)
is biti
he bit (subj)
wit biteiwa
we bit (d) (subj)
jut biteits
you bit (subj)
weis biteima
we bit (pl) (subj)
jus biteiþ
you bit (pl) (subj)
eis biteina
they bit (subj)
þu beiþ
(you) bite! (s)
weis beitam
let's bite
jus beitiþ
(you) bite! (pl)
jut beitats
(you) bite! (d)
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