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Mao's Economic Policies

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Step 1 [Mao's Economic Policies]
Mutual Aid Teams (1951): sharing resources, labour, equipment
Step 2 [Mao's Economic Policies]
Agricultural Producers Cooperatives (APCs) 1953: 30-50 families pooling resources
APCs changed from voluntary to compulsory
1956, 90% families
Advanced APCs were set up in which private property disappeared altogether
Poor harvests
First Five Year Plan
1000% -15%
Inflation reduced
the official currency of the People's Republic of China.
Urban population growth
1949-57: 57 million - 100 million
Economic growth
economists use the term to refer to continual increases in potential real GDP or full-employment real GDP; term is often used in the press to mean increases in total spending
National Expenditure
1957: 29,020m yuan
Great Leap Forward
Mao orders creation of Communes
c25,000 Communes from 74,000 collective farms, 20,000+ people
Trofim Lysenko
Soviet scientist
No. of death during famine
at least 30m, suggested closer to 40m
Grain and meat production
Meat: in 1958 4.3m tonnes; in 1960 1.3m
Backyard Furnaces abandoned
National Income fell
Inflation rise
0.2% - 16.2%
Example: Mao's authority questioned
July 1959: Peng Dehuai sends Mao letter during Lushun Conference
People's militias
220m, 30m armed
Hundred Flowers Campaign
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