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Napoleon's Fall & Europe

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Describe Napoleon's Russian Campaign
Napoleon gathers 600,000 troops at Russian Border. The Czar of Russia burns his own country to stop Napoleon from advancing. Napoleon looses over half a million troops due to the Russian winter on his way back home.
Russia, Prussia, England and Austria
Who are the allies against France
Where was Napoleon defeated when he raised another army?
What is Elba?
It is the island Napoleon is banished to.
Where is Elba?
Off the coast of Italy
What did the Allies do after sending Napoleon to Elba?
They Restored the French Monarchy and set Louis XVII as the monarch
The Southern Coast of France
After a year in exile, Napoleon hires a ship and lands where?
Louis XVII fled to where?
They pledge allegiance to Napoleon
LouisXVII sent troops to arrest Napoleon, once the troops find him what do they do?
What happened at the battle of Waterloo?
1. Final confrontation b/w France and allies.
Duke of Wellington
Leader of the combined British and Prussian army; would defeat Napoleon at Waterloo
What did Waterloo end?
Napoleonic Wars and 100 days.
Where was Napoleon banished?
Island of St. Helena
6 years
How long was Napoleon on St Helena
Vienna Austria
After Napoleon was exiled, where did the diplomats gather?
Klemens von Metternich of Austria
Who was the most important key play in the Congress of Vienna?
What was Metternich's plan?
Return Europe to the Old Order
Austria and 38 German States
Who made up the German Confederation?
What happened to the deposed monarchs?
They were restored to their thrones
People who oppose progress and wanted conditions to go back to earlier times were known as?
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