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Italian Unification

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House of Savoy
The name of the royal house of Piedmont
What Italian nation had the only native Italian dynasty
Italian duchy with a capital at Florence
Lombardy and Venetia
The two Italian nations before unification that were controlled by the Austrian Empire since 1814
Idea of an Italian national resurgence
heart of the Italian Unification; began the young Italy movement that was against Austrian rule; wrote pamphlets explaining why the Austrians were wrong; helped inspire a revolt (revolution on 1848) that failed but inspired Nationalism
brains of the Italian Unification; was the prime minister of Sardinia; 1859 he allied France with Italy and in return got Lombardy creating the Kingdom of Italy
Victor Emmanuel II
King of Piedmont
model state
What Cavour wanted to turn Piedmont into
politics based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations
Napoleon III
Emperor that ends second Republic as conservatism prevails; liberals fear the urban workers; France an Empire from 1852 to 1871
Where is Mary Antoinette from
Northern Italy
Cavour wanted war with Austria to unify this region under Piedmont
doctrine of nationalities
Napoleon III believed in this political ideology, which was the belief in the advancement of national unifications
Italian republican who tried to assassinate Napoleon III in 1858
Magenta and Solferino
The two battles where the French and the Piedmontese together beat the Austrians
land that was once a country in northern Europe and ruled by the Hohenzollern Family. It is now divided up between Germany, Russian and Poland.
Nice and Savoy
Piedmont gave these two regions to France in return for their help in the war
courage/sword of the Italian Unification; leads read shirts (volunteer fighters); takes control of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies; seen as liberator of southern Italy
Red shirts
Garibaldi's army of volunteer fighters
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
The first South Italian government overthrown by Garibaldi upon his return
Garibaldi fought for the independence of this South American country
guerrilla warfare
An attack run by a small group to ambush the opposing force in a way. Created by the Spanish to attack the French.
City where Cavour and Napoleon III met for their secret agreement.
Town where Garibaldi met Piedmontese army
Austria took an army into _______.
Italia irredenta
The term which describes what Italian nationalists believed after unification: that certain regions beyond Italy's borders were an integral part of Italy and should be incorporated
The Vatican
The place where the Pope lived in seclusion after his land was taken
Il Risorgimento
Cavour's newspaper, founded in 1848, in which he advocated constitutional monarchist ideals
Italian secret societies calling for a unified Italy and republicanism after 1815.
Duties of Man
This was written by Mazzini, in it he said that one's duty to their nation was only second to their duty to God
revolution from below
One of the main idea's of Mazzini's writings, that revolution should be initiated by the common man. This ideology is opposite to Napoleonic belief of "revolution from above."
The date in which Mazzini launched a failed attempt at revolution in Turin. Mazzini also failed in revolution in Naples and Genoa
Republic of Rome
The name of the Republic created by Mazzini in 1849, it did not last long, as it was put down by the French Army
epicenter of the enlightenment
Young Italy
Political movement founded by Mazzini in 1831 with the goal of creating a united Italian republic.
Constitutional Monarchy
government established under William and Mary after they signed the English Bill of Rights (their power was limited)
Cavour helped establish this in Piedmont, which caused greater liberalization in the state
The general term for highways, railroads, ports, and other things Cavour supported the construction of in Piedmont.
Where were the headquarters of the Italian Campaign?
Garibaldi's Call to Italians
In 1860, Garibaldi made this speech, in which he encouraged people to rebel against foreign monarchies in Italy.
The Dedication of Young Italy
The oath for Mazzini's movement, which displayed the group's highly ethical ideals
Crimean War
Conflict between Russia and France, Britain, Ottoman Empire, and Italy over the land dealing of the Ottoman Empire. Mainly a fight of power in Europe and Russia loses.
Port of Genoa
This port was created by Cavour during his rule as prime minister of Piedmont. This and the removal of trade barriers helped the trade of Piedmont increase by a lot.
Treaty of Villa Franca
Treaty where France negotiates peace with Austria while they were helping Piedmont. Also, the treaty declared Italy as a confederation under the Pope. Cavour was sad because of this and resigned for a while.
Austria gave this region to Piedmont under the Treaty of Villa Franca, but kept the region of Venetia.
Modena, Parma, and Tuscany
These three regions revolted after the Treaty of Villa France and asked to join Piedmont. This made Cavour happy and he returned to being prime minister of Piedmont.
Treaty of Turin
The treaty by which Modena, Parma, and Tuscany were annexed to Piedmont. France was also gifted Nice and Savoy.
when was venice added to the kingdom of Italy?
When was Italy able to achieve unification?
North vs South, Pope, Economy, Weak Democracy, Irredenta
The five main problems a unified Italy faced
La Clorinda
The name of the ship Garibaldi signed on as first mate for his life-changing voyage from Marseilles to Constantinople. He met members of a French socialist society on the trip, as well as members of Young Italy.
Comte de Saint-Simon
The French society which influenced Garibaldi. They had very colorful appearances, and their leader explained to Garibaldi that the extravagant appearances stirred up enthusiasm for their cause. Garibaldi remembered this when he created his iconic Red Shirts.
Rio Grando do Sul
Brazil's southernmost province, which seceded and enlisted Garibaldi to help them.
Italian Legion
The name of Garibaldi's fighting force during his battles in Uruguay.
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