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Empires in the Americas

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to sail around the world
Columbian Exchange
widespread exchange of animals, plants, culture, human populations (including slaves), communicable disease, and ideas between the American and Afro-Eurasian hemispheres following the voyage to the Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1492
Hernan Cortes
Spanish explorer and conquistador who led the conquest of Aztec Mexico in 1519-1521 for Spain. (p. 437)
Encomienda System
Monarchs gave land grants and Native American slaves to religious Spaniards. The "Indians" worked and gave profits to their Spanish masters.
Reform religious movement that protested the practices of the Catholic Church
Northwest Passage
This is the passage that many European explorers attempted but never succeeded to navigate to reach other nations more quickly, the Engish thought they might have found it by discovering the St. Lawrence River,…
a document granting special privileges from the English monarch; each describes general terms the relationship that was suppose to exist between the colony and the crown
Middle Passage
the stage of the triangular trade in which millions of people from Africa were shipped to the New World as part of the Atlantic slave trade. Ships departed Europe for Africa to get slaves, …
Colony founded by the Virginia Company in 1607; John Smith; first permanent English settlement in the North America; Tobacco; Powhatan Indians
indentured servant
they were under contract with a master or landowner who paid for their passage, young people from the British Isles agreed to work for a specified period in return for room and board. They …
slave codes
Laws that controlled the lives of enslaved african americans and denied them basic rights
Religious group that left England in the early 1600s to escape persecution
People who have left the country of their birth to live in another country
Mayflower Compact
the first governing document of Plymouth Colony. It was written by the Separatists, also known as the "Saints", fleeing from religious persecution by King James of Great Britain
staple crop
Food that is always needed like wheat, barley, and oats
English Bill of Rights
An act that reduced the powers of the monarch and increased those of Parliament
triangular trade
after royal african company's monopoly of the slave trade expired, new england merchants followed a triangular (3 part) trade route; a ship with rum left boston and went to west africa, it then woul…
Great Awakening
Several periods of religious revival in American religious history; Began with the Presbyterians in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
a new intellectual movement that stressed reason and thought and the power of individuals to solve problems
Stamp Act of 1765
passed by George Grenville, required revenue stamps be placed on most printed paper in the colonists, all legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, advertisements, first direct tax collected from those who used the goods, previously had been paid by merchants
Tea Act of 1773
hoping to help the British East India Company made the price of the company's tea, cheaper than that of smuggled Dutch tea
Intolerable Acts
Laws passed in 1774 that punished the colonists for the Boston Tea Party
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