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Baroque in France & England

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Hangman's Tree
Jacques Callot. From The Great Miseries of War. 1629. Etching. Great Miseries of War shows his experience in the 30 Years War. Focuses on French Army dealing punishments to own troops.
Joseph the Carpenter
Georges de La Tour. 1642. Oil on canvas. Influence of Caravaggio. Got commissions from government of Lorraine. Light is portrayed by Jesus holding candle. Shows story of Joseph and Carpenter and Jesus.
The Abduction of the Sabine Women
Nicholas Poussin. Oil on canvas. Poussin had allegiance to Classicism. He would arrange figures in wax before painting. Nobody knows exact location. Shows a lot of emotion. Used ink to make rough draft. Gu…
Landscape with St. John on Patmos
Nicholas Poussin. 1640. Oil on canvas. Doesn't represent a particular landscape, but is ideal. St. John shown in profile. Possibly created as four paintings for four evangelist. Made in Rome for Pope Urban VIII.
A Pastoral Landscape
Claude Lorrain. Oil on copper. Yale University. Idyllic landscape. The people are random, so it doesn't pass Poussin's test. Effect of looking into light magnified by copper. May be a visual narrative from an ancient text.
Louis Le Vau, Claude Perrault, and Charles Le Brun. French classical architecture. Expressed authority of Ancient Rome with colossal proportions. Built at Versaille. Had square court. Ordered by Louis. Center pavilion based on Roman te…
Palace where Louis XVI lives with Mary Antoinette
Galerie des Galces (Hall of Mirrors)
Jules Mansart, Lous & Charles Le Vau. Hall of Mirrors. At Palace of Versaille. Single room that is 240 feet long. At each end is Salon of Peace and Salon of War. Mirrors reflect gar…
Salon de la Guerre
Jules Mansart, Charles Le Brun, and Antoine Coysevox. Palace of Versaille. Salon of War Includes relief of the Triumph of Louis XIV. Angel/person is crowning rider. Emphasis on surface decoration. Similar to Bernini's Cornaro chapel.
Banqueting Hall
Inigo Jones. Whitehall Palace, London. Sculpture evolved into an official royal style. Architecture was given priority because of Great Fire. Disciple of Palladio. Intended for court ceremonies and performances (masques). Vitruvian basilica. Classical vocabulary.
St. Paul's Cathedral
Sir Christopher Wren. London. 1675. Central-plan church. In shape of Latin cross. Has influence of Michelangelo. St. Paul takes on St. Peters. Great Fire made Wren popular.
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