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February Revolution (1917)

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February revolution
18th feb- 4th march 1917
18th feb 1917
Strikes begin in factories in Petrograd
International woman's day
23rd feb 1917
General Strike
in 1926 the pound is put on the gold standard which causes the strike (because it means that hours were cut and wages too if not both) the country essentially stopped all production, everyone …
27th feb 1917
formation of the Petrograd Soviet and meeting of the provisional committee in the tauride palace
28th feb 1917
Nicholas prevented from returning to Petrograd
2nd march 1917
Provisional Government formed/tsar signs abdication decree
4th march 1917
Tsar's abdication formally announced
26th feb 1917
150 000 Petrograd garrison troops had deserted their officers
16th Dec 1916
Tsar retreated into daily routines of Stavka- effectively ignores national crisis
22nd aug 1915
Tsar becomes supreme commander of the Russian Military
july 1915
fourth duma recalled
Lodge Corollary
march 1917
house arrest began for the tsar and his family
Bloody Sunday
27 protesters were shot and 14 of these killed by British troops in the Bogside area of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
How many bankers/merchants were there?
News that what would be rationed from 1st March caused massive queues and unrest?
The Putilov Works
On the 22nd Feb, 20,000 workers from which important works went on strike?
International Women's Day
240,000 people came out on the streets in demonstration on the 23rd Feb, coinciding with what event?
Which police chief was murdered on the 23rd?
They refused
When the Tsar attempted to dissolve the Duma on the 26th, what was the Duma's response?
Who sent an urgent telegram to the Tsar, which the Emperor ignored?
27th February
What date did 66,000 men of General Khabalov's and the Volynskii regiment garrison mutiny?
the final death toll during the Reign of Terror
Provisional Committee of the Duma
What organisation was set up to demand Tsar Nicholas' abdication?
The Duma
After the mutinies of the 27th, army generals gave their support to whom?
28th February
What date was Tsar Nicholas' train stopped at Pskov by angry workers and mutinied soldiers?
On the 28th soldiers at which garrison mutinied?
order no 1
What was produced by the Petrograd Soviet to gain the support of the military?
General Alekseev
Who pressured the Tsar into abdicating?
2nd March
What date did the Tsar finally abdicate?
Grand Duke Mikhail
Who did Tsar Nicholas name as his successor (who promptly refused)?
Why Russia did badly in WW1
inflation, food supplies, transport system, the army, role of the tsar, morale.
Why Russia did badly in WW1: Inflation
value of money sharply declined, creating instability and high prices.
Why Russia did badly in WW1: Food supplies
Dwindled as a result of requisitioning and transport disruption. Urban areas suffered acute shortages.
broke down under stress of war.
Why Russia did badly in WW1: Transport system
Why Russia did badly in WW1: The Army
Fought well, but undermined by poor organisation and lack of supplies.
Why Russia did badly in WW1: Role of the Tsar
Nicholas II's fateful decision to become Commander-in-Chief made survival of tsardom dependent on military success.
Why Russia did badly in WW1: Morale
High at the start among army and civilians, but was damaged by lengthening casualty lists at the front and declining supplies at home.
Optimism in 1914.
Impact of War on Russia
The Progressive Bloc
set up as war effort assistance after the 4th Duma dissolved. NOT meant as a threat to tsardom but Nicholas II openly disapproved of them.
What made up the Progressive Bloc
Union of Zemstrovs, Union of Municipal Councils, Zemgor
Union of Zemstrovs
A set of patriotic rural councils
Union of Municipal Councils
A set of patriotic urban local councils
the joint body that devoted itself to helping Russia's war wounded.
Rasputin (Dates)
1907 - 1915 - moved in with Royal family as healer of Alexei and became Alexandra's main confidant.
The February Revolution
18th February - 4th March 1917
The February Revolution: Why
Lack of bread, women queued all night for a loaf of bread, only to be told there was none, 19th Feb - Petrograd authorities announced rationing would start from 1st March. 23rd Feb - ch…
International Women's Day
February Revolution Course of Events: 23rd Feb
February Revolution Course of Events: 24th Feb
Workers held factory meetings throughout the city. Urged on by socialist agitators to march again. Many armed themselves against Cossaks and Okrahana. 150,000 workers had taken to the streets. Some violent protestors.
February Revolution Course of Events: 25th Feb
Major factories closed and 200,000 workers demonstrated. Transport, newspapers, shops and cafes shut down. Red flags started flying (political flavour). Clashes with Okrahana, Cossaks made eye contact with people and accepted red roses: symbols of peace and revolution.
February Revolution Course of Events: 26th Feb
Mutiny begins. Men wouldn't obey orders. Cossaks turned on Okrahana. Martial law was proclaimed, but couldn't enforce. Tsar was told situation was less severe than it was (already too far?)
Second Bloody Sunday
Officers arrested and killed their commanding officers. Okrahana vs Army. Police opened fire on anyone. Workers and soldiers responded by attacking police stations, arson, letting 8,000 prisoners free (sign old regime was dead).
27th February 1917
Petrograd Soviet first met
Events leading up to abdication of Tsar Nicholas II
Order impossible to restore. Rodzianko, on behalf of the Duma, said Tsar needed to step down to keep any imperial power. Tsar refused and ordered the Duma to dissolve. 12 STAYED AS PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE. …
Decree of Abdication
Signed 2nd March 1917
3rd March 1917
Announced to the world revolution had taken place
Why did the Tsar have no choice but to abdicate?
Unpopular throughout his reign, weak, Cossaks and Okrahana (only force of dealing with unrest) began to turn on him, the war effort, February Revolution (Trigger).
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