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Historiography: Stalin

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Ian Grey
Soviet Russia became stronger as a result of Stalin's campaigns of industrialization, collectivization, and social transformation
Martin McCauley
The Stalin Revolution revitalized the country
E.H. Carr
Economical and political forces shaped Stalin - but still a strong leader. Stalin = produced by circumstances. If Stalin didn't industrialize Russia, someone would have.
Adam Ulman
USSR better off without Stalin, any regime could've industrialize. Stalin impeded Soviet victory through military purges (since officers were killed)
Robert Conquest
25 million people repressed by Great Terror (1/8 of pop.)
Robert Service
He became party leader before the others even knew what happened.
Orlando Figes
collectivization = "great turning point in Soviet history", "new type of social revolution" "whole population subordinated to the state"
Mary McAuley
Labour camps: economic rationale
Isaac Deutscher
Stalin was not among its main actors ~ October revolution
Getty and Naumov
Stalinist language = "matter of group conformity and even individual survival"
Geoffry Hosking
Religion: Stalin didn't eradicate the church, just pushed it underground
Moshe Lewin
Politburo by late 1930s: Consisted of 5 people. Usually it was just Stalin and Molotov only consulting each other on major decisions
1917 March
March Revolution: provisional government
1917 October
Bolshevik revolution
NEP introduced
USSR formed, Stalin = General Secretary of the party
Lenin dies (JAN), troika opposes Trotsky, Stalin proposes "Socialism in One Country"
When was the Hitler youth set up?
The New Family Code
Stalin proposes 5 year plan + collectivization
14% of students entering higher technical education had to be woman
Stalin makes "Dizzy with Success" Speech
Kirov murdered
When were women reintroduced into the workforce due to labor shortages?
When was the Kristalnacht, where nazi's attacked jewish properties and synagouges?
one third of all engineers and 79% of doctors were women
Trotsky assassinated (AUG) in Mexico
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