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War at Sea & Gallipoli

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Merchant ships
A name for supply ships carrying food, weapons, etc.
English port town shelled by the German navy - one of the few direct naval confrontations of the war.
May 1915
Month and year of the sinking of the American passenger liner.
The British liner that was torpedoed by a German submarine. Brought about the threatening of America cutting off diplomatic relations with Germany. This brought America into the war because many innocent American civilians died that were on the liner.
Type of battleship used by the British
Women formed 10% of Party membership and in 1928 they made up 12.8%
Only major naval battle of the war that resulted in the German navy never again leaving port after this.
What did Napoleon set up to prevent all communication and trade with his enemy Great Britain
How many bankers/merchants were there?
Unrestricted submarine warfare
Begun in February 1917, this meant that the Germans would sink any/all Allied ships in the waters of war.
Columbus, NM
Tonnes of shipping lost by Allies by middle of 1917
Q ships
Decoy ships used to lure in German U-Boats. They were armed with heavy guns.
Destroyed more U boats than any other weapon and stopped German U boats accessing British ports and the English Channel.
Depth Charges
Introduced in 1916 - bombs which would go off at certain depths. Could be released from Allied ships
Groups of merchant ships protected by warships.
Long range aircraft
Used to protect convoys by flying ahead, spotting U boats
Number of German deaths related to malnutrition, as a result of the blockade
Due to the blockade, these did not reach Germany in sufficient numbers- and they were needed for both fertilisers and explosives.
April 1915
Month and year of the Gallipoli campaign.
Germany's ally - the aim of Gallipoli was to knock this country out of the war.
Which colossal country had nine different time zones, was practically landlocked, and had a ruler with many problems in the 1900's?
This country could be attacked from the South through the Balkans, if the Allies were successful at Gallipoli.
Naval campaign
As opposed to a land campaign, the Gallipoli attack was intended to be a??
Mines and shells
Weapons that destroyed British battle cruisers in the straits of the Dardanelles.
A vital strait connecting the red sea and Mediterranean.
Land invasion
The commanders at Gallipoli decided to switch to this type of attack once the naval attack had failed.
Helles beach
Beach where soldiers at Gallipoli first tried to land.
Native inhabitants: Aborigines suffer a similar fate to the Native Americans
The Turkish forces were in well-defended positions up in the _______ above the beach.
soldiers dug these to protect themselves from machine gun fire; could go hundreds of miles; were often cold, muddy, rat infested and gave no protection from poison gas
Suvla Bay
Where a second landing was made in August 1915.
Frostbite and disease
Two causes of illness and death in the Gallipoli trenches.
Capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire
Month when the troops were pulled out of Gallipoli
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