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World War I : Treaty of Versailles

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Sydney Bradshaw Fay
No one country to blame for WW1, none plotted for an aggressive war. Imperialism, militarism, alliances and the failure to mediate the July Crisis caused the war
Fritz Fischer
Germany totally to blame, sought an aggressive war of expansion and territory grabbing to solve their own economic and cultural problems and to also deal with the fact it was surrounded by hostile countries, "will to war"
Eric Hobsbawm
(marxist view) Imperialist capitalism to blame, hunger for resources and markets fueled the new imperialism of 19th century...with or without the July Crisis the system would have led to war eventually
John Stoessinger
Personal failings of those trying to manage the July Crisis
type of historiography:
type of historiography:
Post Revisionist
type of historiography:
John Sherer
Treaty of Versailles a powerful stimulus to German nationalism
Two Historians
Klaus Hildebrand and Andreas Hilgruber
Alan Bullock
Hitler invaded Russia for the simple and sufficient reason that he had always meant to establish the foundations of his thousand year reich by the annexation of the territory lying between the Vistula and the Urals
William Shirer
Hitler's policies were traditionalist and he had a detailed master plan
Karl Dietrich Bracher
Saw the Nazi state as totalitarian based on force and coercion. Decisions made at the top and enforced by a massive coercive apparatus
Robert Gellately, Eric Johnson & Karl-Heinz Reuband
Hitler's rule was a dictatorship by consent of the people, force and terror were only used against deviant and marginal minorities
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