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Ancient Rome

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brothers that founded
Remus and Romulus
7 hills
: could defend themselves, had good farmland at the bottom of hills, and had mild climate. The Latins and later settlers were here.
Tiber River
The river flowing through the city of Rome.
italian peninsula
: helped conquer and gain new territories, helped give protection from invaders, and the city of Rome is located here.
mediterranean sea
: source of water and trade.
: helped protect Rome.
social classes
: slaves, farmers, buisness leaders and officials, Patricians and plebians
etruscan kings
: 600-509 BC, It was a monarchy, they were forein kings, and overthrown by Romans.
Carthagenian general who tried to take Rome by surprise (by crossing the Alps with his army and elephants)
3rd punic war
: left carthage in ruin
christian persecution
: Christians refused to worship the emperor as a god, and did not worship Roman gods. The Romans were afraid that Christianity would spread (it already was) and that it would take over.
Who was the first Christian emperor of the Roman world?
: made Christianity the official religion of Rome.
fall of Rome
: fell to barbarians, the Eastern half was prosperous, and 476 AD was the time of the fall for the western Roman Empire.
mt thesubias
: it erupted, was a volcano, and covered Pompeii with ash.
a government ruled by elected representatives instead of a monarch
3 branches of gov
: legislative= made laws
: the executive branch, and directed gov.
upper house of the legislature, each state elects two
: wealthy landowner.
: commoner
: sole ruler for life, not elected but based on blood, and made ALL decisions.
julius ceaser
: dictator for life, a reformer, and had the idea for an empire/emperor.
octavian/ augustus ceaser
: 1st emperor, defeated Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, beautified Rome, and was powerful (Pax Romana)
cleopatra/mark anthony
: wanted, united a rule- an Egyptian/ Roman empire.
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