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Hitler & Pearl Harbor

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Treaty of Versailles, punishments after WWI were very harsh
why was the depression in German worse than in other countries of the world
why did Germany need a "powerful hand"
needed someone to get them out of their depression
Nazis (Hitler)
what person and group accomplished this for Germany
promised work, took charge
why were they so appealing to German citizens
how did his speeches attract people to believe/follow him
influential speaker, promised he'd make Germany great, promised jobs
other votes were split between different parties
how did the Nazi party win with one 37% of the votes
what types of jobs did Hitler create
what was Hitler's ultimate plan
make Germany the greatest nation
In what German city did the powers of Europe meet to carve up Africa into colonies?
why did Hitler want to host the Olympics
powerful, joyful, show all what Hitler had accomplished
Jesse Owens
Black American athlete who won 4 gold medals at the Berlin Olympics of 1936
The spreading of ideas to support the war effort or damage the opposing cause.
how did FDR use the radio to his advantage
to influence people of the great things he did for the depression
how did Hitler use propaganda to his benefit
made it mandatory to listen to his speeches on the radio; movies
what did Hitler make German citizens believe
they're the greatest nation in the world
My Struggle (Mein Kampf)
what was the name of Hitler's book
they were weakening the Arian race; took over media
why and how did Hitler and the Nazi's target the Jews
what were the Nuremberg laws
separated Jews from everyone else
Where is Mary Antoinette from
why did he want to unite with Austria
homeland, was made of of German speaking people, made Germany stronger
welcomed him
how did Austrians react towards Hitler
proved Germany wasn't the best
why was the boxing match between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling so important
Joe Louis, Americans were still great
who won the boxing match and what did this prove
America wanted to help because they supported democracy, go against other governments
what was the Spanish Civil War over and why did Americans want to help
Czech Republic- mainly German speaking people
where is the Sudetenland and why did Hitler want it to be part of Germany
Chamberland, trying to make peaceful agreement
who was the British Prime Minister that went to plea with Hitler and why did he meet with him
what was the Munich Agreement and what were its terms
treaty where Hitler wouldn't take over anywhere else if he got that one region
happy and welcomed him
what were Czechoslovakians' reactions towards Hitler taking over
living space
what is a lebensraum
Hitler's hopes of expansion
one of Hitler's ideas to unite Germans
The Rhineland
Hitler took over this place in 1935, but according to the Treaty of Versailles it was supposed to be permanently demilitarized
Soviet Union
country in control of East Germany during the Cold War
problems with attacking Poland
bring conflict with neighbor Soviet Union, provoke war with France and Britain (promised military aid to Poland), two front war
what was the Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact
vowed to never attack each other and divide Poland
blitzkrieg and civilian war
two types of German warfare
Lighting war -- a typed of fast-moving warfare used by German forces to take control of Poland and other European countries in 1939.
civilian war
show no mercy towards hospitals, schools, churches
result of German warfare
France and Britain declare war on Germany
Austria took an army into _______.
can now attack France from the north and south
what was the benefit for Germany having Italy on their side
Battle of Britain
An aerial battle fought in WW II in 1940 between the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) and the British Royal Air Force. The Germans carried out extensive bombing raids against Britain, which offered successful resistance.
The Battle of Britain, lasting from July through October of 1940, proved to be a great test for the British. This innovation of World War II helped the British to evade disaster.
how did Americans view the war
51% willing to sell airplanes and other war material, 49% opposed
what was Roosevelt's response
The Great Arsenal of Democracy
what was the Lend-Lease Policy
allowed Britain to borrow war material without pay
create two ocean war
why did Japan securing an alliance with Germany and Italy create a problem for the U.S.
51% willing 49% opposed; sensed danger
when Europe went to war, what was America's response and why
what was Roosevelt and Congress response
we would be the next ones to get involved
who leads the way in the world wide abolition movement?
what was the Atlantic Charter
FDR and Churchill met secretly aboard the USS Augusta, sought no territorial advancements
how did the U.S. provoke Japanese aggression
began to restrict trading steel and oil, only obstacle from them becoming an empire, helping China by giving supplies
how and why were Americans ready for an attack
used a decoding device where they intercepted a message that they were getting ready to attack
British Malaya or the Dutch East Indies
where did Americans believe the attack was going to occur
why did Japan attack Hawaii
easiest target, where most U.S. Pacific fleet was
Roosevelt's response to Pearl Harbor
a date which will live in infamy, everybody hears his request to declare war over fireside chats
who were the Big Three
Stalin (Soviet Union), Roosevelt (U.S.), Churchill (Britain)
December 7, 1941
what was the date Pearl Harbor was attacked
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