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Hitler's Domestic Policies

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Recovery, Rearmament, and War
Which three periods can Hitler's economic policies be split into?
Removal of women and untermensch from the workplace, and conscription
which two factors, apart from the unemployment programme itself, aided on the falling unemployment?
Who was the minister of finance during the Recovery phase?
Support for the individual farmer/smallholders
What was Hitler's policy towards agriculture which went against economic progress?
how much had food prices increased by 1936 due to lack of production?
What is Autarky which Germany sought through it economic policy?
Aluminium, Rubber, and pharmaceuticals
Which three products, necessary for war, did Germany seek to be self-sufficient in?
40% in 1933, 70% in 1937
Hitler supported small businesses ideologically, but how many good were were monopolised in 1933 vs 1937?
when was Hitler economic 'recovery' period?
When was Hitlers economic 'rearmament' period?
The 'guns or butter' debate
What is the Argument between Hitler and Schacht over Living conditions vs rearmament known as?
he wanted improved living conditions
Did Schacht support heavy rearmament like Hitler, or did he want improved living conditions?
Who replaced Schacht following the guns or butter debate?
When was Hitlers economic four year plan?
Autarky and state control
What were the aims of the four year plan?
the economy overheating
The economy grew rapidly during the 4 year plan, what became a problem in 1938?
in 1939, the German army was only eclipsed by that of one nation, which?
When was Hitler's economic 'War' period?
Austria and Czechoslovakia
Which two newly acquired territories provided much needed resources for the war economy?
Goering and Speer
Which two ministers started a policy to completely centralise the German economy in 1942?
How did Hitler control civilian consumption during the war?
As a result of rationalisation, by how many % did civilian consumption drop between 1939 and 1941?
How much of the workforce was engaged in war related activities in 1941?
What did, in Hitlers eyes, take a front seat to economic development (evident in his support of the smallholder farms)?
Was the economy focused enough to support Germany in the war effort?
Kinder, Kuchen, Kirche
Which phrase encompasses Hitler's policy towards women?
What year were Women dismissed from civil service and teaching jobs?
When were women reintroduced into the workforce due to labor shortages?
Richard Grunberger
Which Historian said that 'Women basked in Nazi public esteem between marriage and the menopause'
How did Hitler encourage a traditional family structure and female role?
birth grants for large families, mothers cross, interest free marriage loans, and higher taxes on childless couples.
When was the Hitler youth set up?
How many members did the Hitler youth have in 1933?
Hitler closed all other youth groups in 1933, after this point membership of the Hitler youth rose. How high was it in 1939?
The Swing kids and the Edelweiss pirates
Which two almost insignificant youth groups opposed Hitler?
League of german maidens
The Hitler youth was for young males, what was the female counterpart called?
Physical education
Which subject became a focus in the new German educational system?
the Sciences
Which school subjects were more or less ignored, especially if they contradicted with Hitler's ideology?
Works from which Jewish scientist were removed from the physics syllabus?
July 1933
When did Hitler form the Reich Church? month and year
The confessional Church
Which church was created in response to Hitlers crackdown on religion?
to glorify Hitler, the party, and aryans
What was the role of nazi art?
degenerate art
exhibitions were held of what type of art, for the public to mock it?
gordon Craig
Which historian said that 'Nazi art was "of quality so inferior as to be embarrassing...full of moral attitudinising and mock heroics and sentimentality,and emphasis upon the German soul and sacredness of the soul'
The Aryan race
Which race was superior to all others according to Hitler?
What does the phrase 'volksgemeinschaft' represent?
one united people, without elitism or class divides
Jews, Gypsies, Handicapped, Homosexuals, and antisocials
which social groups did Hitler persecute?
bringing into line, establishing a strong totalitarian regime
what does the German phrase Gleichschaltung represent as used by the Nazi's?
during which years was the Nazi racial policy fairly moderate?
Bernhard Lösener
Who described the first anti-semitic laws as complete chaos?
which two policies in 1933 prevented jews from working in government?
the law for restoration of professional civil service and the Nazi Boycott of Jewish Businesses
Stripped Jews of German citizenship
What did the 1935 Nuremberg laws do?
When was the Kristalnacht, where nazi's attacked jewish properties and synagouges?
How many Jews were arrested on the the Kristalnacht of 1938?
1942 at the Wanasee conference
When and where did the Nazi's agree to the final solution?
How many 'untermensch' were forcibly sterilised by the Germans?
What do structuralist historians argue about Hitler's racial policies?
that they were a product of internal and external pressures on Hitler and Germany at the time
What do intentionalist Historians argue about Hitler's racial policies?
that they were planned by Hitler, and a product of his ideology
Single party, dictator, cult of the leader, ideology, a system of terror, control over media and culture, control over daily life, Centralised control of economy. What do these terms define Hitler's regime as?
Which historian said that Hitler 'eliminated private life'
Allan Bullock, Hugh Trevor
Name two intentionalist historians
Hans Mommsen, Martin Boszat
Name two structuralist historians
Which school of thought argues that Hitler was a strong dictator, who controlled Germany according to his personal ideology?
Which school of thought argues that Hitler was a weak dictator who relied on competing organisations beneath him and currents in the German people.
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