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From World War II to the Cold War

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Cold War
Series of events between U.S. and USSR where they compete for global dominance without directly fighting each other (capitalism vs. Communism)
type of historiography:
type of historiography:
VE Day
May 9 1945
VJ Day
Sept 2 1945
Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Germany
Benito Mussolini
Dictator of Italy
Hadecki Tojo
Leader of the War Cabinet in Japan during World War II.
Joseph Stalin
He tried to crush all opposition and ruled as the absolute dictator of the U.S.S.R. until his death.
Winston Churchill
Famous for his reckless courage in war. In order to repair the British navy he (and Lloyd George) raise many taxes (or at least help make it happen), to effect conservatives, he's never ever …
Franklin Roosevelt
President of the US during most of World War II.
Edward Daladier
Leader of France at the start of World War II.
Treaty of Versailles
Treaty ending World War I
Payments for war damage.
Central Powers
Name for Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey in World War I
Allied Powers
The US, UK, France and Soviet Union(at the end) who fought together during World War II.
Harry S Truman
Roosevelt's third vice-president.
League of Nations
Created by Wilson. Essentially a world government. There's an assembly, council, an international court of justice and a secretariat (leader). The USA is the first country to turn it down. Created a notion of international cooperation.
Sept. 1, 1939
Germany invades Poland
Giving in to prevent war.
Neville Chamberlain
PM of Great Britain before World War II.
Georges Clemenceau
Leader of France during World War I.
Vittorio Orlando
Leader of Italy during World War I.
David Lloyd George
A radical populist, famous for sleeping around the upper classes. Worked with Churchill in the early 1900s and pushed for reforms including the Age pension act and 8 hour work days. Eventually would become prime minister
Western section of Germany that was remilitarized by Hitler.
Area of Czechoslovakia, given to Hitler, containing people who spoke German.
Emperor of Japan during and after World War II.
Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Caused US entry into World War II.
Created in 1949-Nations in Western Europe who were friendly towards the US.
Warsaw Pact
Created in 1955-Nations in Eastern Europe who were dominated by the USSR.
Axis Powers
Japan, Italy, and Germany in World War II.
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