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Origins of the Cold War

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Revionist, Orthodox, Post-Revisionist
three views of origins of Cold War
Orthodox, scholars
Thomas A Bailey, W H McNeill, H Feis
Orthodox, beliefs
holds that USSR was responsible for outbreak of war, USSR seen as an expansionist state striving for world communism, broken agreements of Yalta and Potsdam, US would have to take a more defensive stance (Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, NATO)
Revisionist, scholars
William Appleman Williams, Gal Aplerovitz, Joyce & Gabriel Kolko
Revisionist, beliefs
claimed that the US was responsible for Cold War, and that USSR was not expansionist, just pragmatic and preserving security, motives behind American foreign policy (ODP, free market) for capitalism the cause
Post-Revisionist, scholars
John Lewis Gaddis, Walter LaFeber
Post-Revisionist, beliefs
strike a balance between Orthodox and Revisionist views, stress that neither US nor USSR is responsible for outbreak, rather misconceptions at beginning of Cold War lead to tensions
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