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Cold War & Culture

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Bretton-woods system
created by the UN conference and pushed US economic ideals. It guided the world economy
Military-Industrial Complex
the connection between military and defense build up. It was based at the pentagon and gave money to defense mobilization.
Corporation made up of three or more unrelated businesses - Rico
Baby Boom
Dramatic increase in birthrate, especialy in the years following WWII. - Marc
Feminine Mystique
Book by Friedan. Women should "fulfill their femininity" through staying at home.
Betty Friedan
1921-2006. American feminist, activist and writer. Best known for starting the "Second Wave" of feminism through the writing of her book "The Feminine Mystique".
Counter Culture
New Art forms: Abstract Expressionist Painting
In 1947, William Levitt used mass production techniques to build inexpensive homes in surburban New York to help relieve the postwar housing shortage. Levittown became a symbol of the movement to the suburbs in the years after WWII.
National Interstate and Defense Highways Act
Helped create interstates. Highways can be used for evacuation and plane runways.
Operation Wetback
1953/54 - many Mexicans were deported because of the recession.
Montgomery Bus Boycott
381 days where blacks carpool and busses almost go bankrupt until they are desegregated by Supreme Court
Greensboro sit in
in 1960, 4 black men sit in at a white restaraunt and they are arrested. Woolsworth lunch counter was desegregated
John F Kennedy
A very famous US president during the Cold War. He was killed by a man with a gun in the 1960's.
bay of pigs
..., In April 1961, a group of Cuban exiles organized and supported by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency landed on the southern coast of Cuba in an effort to overthrow Fidel Castro. When the inva…
March on Washington
Was one of the largest political rallies for human rights in uS history and called for civil and scone ices rights for African Americans
Civil Rights Act
largest legislation for Africans since Reconstruction.
March in Bama
called by MLK. state troopers attack with teargas and clubs and tvs video this "American Tradegy"
Voting Rights Act
outlawed literacy tests and other measures of preventing voting
24th amendment
outlaws poll tax and millions of AA register to vote
Nation of Islam
Syncretic new religious movement founded in Detroit by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad in July 1930s.
Black Muslims
American blacks who adopted the Islamic faith
Malcolm X
Militant civil rights leader
Black Power Movement
Political slogan and a name for the violence associated ideologies aimed at achieving self determination for people of the black descendent.
Black Panthers
A black political organization that was against peaceful protest and for violence if needed. The organization marked a shift in policy of the black movement, favoring militant ideals rather than peaceful protest; "advocating self-rule for American blacks"
Cuban Missile Crisis
the US discovers nuclear missiles are on their way to cuba so they take action and the ships from russia turn around
Natinal Liberation Front
(S. Vietnam) with support from N. Vietnam push in.
South Vietnam
Lyndon B. Johnson
Believed that only large-scale American invasion will save South Vietnam.
Gulf Tonkin Resolution
Gives Johnson permission to conduct operations in Vietnam without a declaration of War.
Operation rolling thunder
Bombing campaign in N. Vietnam on Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Supply route from North Vietnam to Viet Cong in South Vietnam
Tet Offensive
Surprise attack by NVA and Viet Cong on major cities in the South during a Vietnamese holiday; military victory for US, but political victory for V.C; was the turning point in the war
satellite states
A country that is economically and politically dependent on another country
Iron Curtain
A term popularized by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to describe the Soviet Union's policy of isolation during the Cold War. The barrier isolated Eastern Europe from the rest of the world.
Truman Doctrine
Truman Doctrine 1947 - Stated that the U.S. would support any nation threatened by Communism.
Containment foreign policy towards communism is containment
Marshall Plan
Marshall Plan Introduced by Secretary of State George G. Marshall in 1947, he proposed massive and systematic American economic aid to Europe to revitalize the European economies after WWII and help prevent the spread of Communism.
berlin airlift
airlift in 1948 that supplied food and fuel to citizens of west Berlin when the Russians closed off land access to Berlin
Created in 1949-Nations in Western Europe who were friendly towards the US.
Mao Zedong
a Chinese Communist revolutionary and the founding father of the People's Republic of China, which he governed as Chairman of the Communist Party of China from its establishment in 1949
Allied with North Korea against UN/US forces
American general, he commanded U.S troops in the southwest Pacific during WWII and administered Japan after the war ended. He later commanded UN forces at the beginning of the Korean War, until he was removed by President Truman.
US troops remain in South Korea today.
Soviet acquisition of the Nuclear bomb
What dramatically altered the balance of power between the US and the USSR?
Mutually Assured Destruction
A strategic policy whose premise was that war could be avoided by the certainty that both sides would be annihilated in a nuclear exchange.
..., A policy of threatening to go to war in response to any enemy aggression.
Threatened the flow of Middle Eastern oil
Why were Western countries threatened by Nasser's nationalization of the Suez Canal?
Red Scare
describe the panic of communism coming to US; many communist were arrested; there were 70000 members in
Joseph McCarthy
A US senator who was very worried that communists were trying to take over the world (and the US).
Alger Hiss
American lawyer involved in the establishment of the United Nations both as a U.S state department and the U.N official. Hiss was accused of being a soviet spy.
An outlying distinct of a city, especially a residential one
Interstate Highway Act
1950s plan to build 41,000 mi of highway; was a means to transport missiles and helped increase the growth of the suburbs
Sunbelt (Southern and Western states)
From 1950s more people moved from the Northeast to the
Nuclear Family
The ideal family: Dad, Mom and their children
Americans purchased these at a faster pace (in the 1950s) than they had radios or cars (during the 1920s).
Elvis Presley invented Rock-n-Roll
False-originated in the R&B traditions of African Americans.
Groups left out of the suburban dream of white America.
African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Disabled, Homosexuals (Anyone who defied the "norm')
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