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Cold War in Asia

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Korean War: Orthodox
Responsibility of North - view endorsed by British author David Rees, 'Korea: Limited War' 1964
Korean War: Revisionist
Stalin was too cautious to prompt a war in Korea - view endorsed by Kathryn Weathersby
New Chinese sources
Korean War: Post- Revisionist
Vietnam War: Orthodox
Buzzanco, Halberstan: America's involvement was unwinnable and unjust
Vietnam War: Revisionist
Mark Moyar, Keith Taylor: War was a noble cause because Vietnam below the 17th parallel was stable
Vietnam War: Post-Revisionist
Lewis Sorley: claims the US won the war by the late 1970s
Japanese Involvement: Orthodox
Japan's postwar leaders resisted changes to the Meiji Constitution
Japanese Involvement: Revisionist
John Dower argues that focusing on the role of Japan's political leaders obscures the supportive role played by common Japanese people
Japanese Involvement: Post-Revisionist
documents that were classified until the 1970s, researchers have uncovered a story of democracy building in Japan that involved intricate debate and collaboration within and across national lines
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