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Modern Conflicts in Africa

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Define genocide
The policy of trying to eliminate an ethnic group
The Hutus against the Tutsis
Who went against who in the Rwandan Genocide?
The genocide lasted 100 days
How long did the Rwandan Genocide last?
April 6, 1994
When did the Rwandan Genocide Begin?
What was a Tutsi?
A person who owned cattle
What was a Hutu?
A person who owned no cows
When Germany colonized who did they give power to? and why?
The Tutsis because of their lighter skin made them look European
Louis XVII fled to where?
They had both groups wear identification cards and put the Tutsis in more powerful governmental positions
What did Belgium have both Hutus and Tutsis wear? and who did they give more power to?
They felt discriminated and demanded government power
What was the Hutus reaction and how did they feel?
Rwandan Government.
What was the Hutu's government?
What was the name of the Tutsis government?
What happened in August, 1993?
Rwandan Government and the RPF signed a cease-fire and Arusha Accords
What happened in Oct. 5 1993?
UN authorizes peacekeepers to help implement Arusha Accords.
What was the Arusha Accord?
A set of five accords signed in Arusha on Aug. 4, 1993 by the government of Rwanda and the RPF to end a 5 yr civil war
What happened in Nov. 1993?
2500 UN troops deployed in Rwanda
What occurred in Feb. 1994?
A series of massacres and political assassinations in Kigali
They prepared death lists, and gathered machetes
What did the Hutus prepare in Feb. 1994?
What happened and began in April 6 1994?
Rwandan and Burundian presidents were assassinated in a plane crash and the genocide begins
What happened in April 7 1994?
Hutu extremists set up roadblocks and go from house to house killing Tutsis and moderate Hutu politicians
They withdrew all troops from Rwanda
What did the UN do in April 21st 1994?
around 500,000 Rwandans are dead
In mid-May what did the Red Cross estimate?
What happened mid-July?
RPF capture Kigali and the genocide is over.
How many Rwandans die?
An estimated 800,000 Rwandans died
Black Africans vs Arab Africans
Who was against who in the Crisis in Darfur?
What was attempted during the Crisis in Darfur?
Genocide was attempted against non-Arabs in Darfur regions
Feb. 26, 2003
When did the Crisis in Darfur begin?
What was the basic conflict that caused the Crisis in Darfur
Who were the Sudanese Liberation Army?
Black African rebels fighting Arab backed Sudanese government and Janjaweed
Who were the Janjaweed?
Arab militiamen backed by the Arab government who set out to destroy black African villages in Darfur.
Who was Joseph Koney?
The leader of the Lord's Resistance Army who claims to establish a government bases on the ten commandments and responsible for over 66,000 children abductions.
1987 - pressent
How long has the Uganda government been battling the LRA?
terrorize the people of central Africa
What does Joseph Koney really want to do?
What was the result of Joseph Koney vs Uganda
over 66,000 children abducted and over 2 million people displaced from their homes.
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