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Modern Middle East

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Jews and Arabs both claim to be the rightful owners of
Iran & Iraq
Which two countries are home to majority Shia Muslims
After WWII the UN leaders decided
to divide Palestine into a Palestine state and a Jewish state
The Holocaust was led by
Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party
Ottoman Empire was eventually
Divided by France and Great Britain after WWI
Religious and Ethnic differences
When dividing land what two things should be considered
What resource was France and Great Britain considering when land was divided
they both operate under Shari Law
The Taliban and Al Qaeda have what in common
When did Israel become a state
Persian Gulf War
Which war began in 1991
Who is Saddam Hussein
5th president of Iraq
Ethnic Group
A group that share physical features, ancestral, homeland etc.
Islam, Christianity, Judaism
What three religious groups began in M.E.
limited by political borders
Ethnic and religious groups are NOT
British, Korean, African-American
examples of Ethnic Groups
Religious Group
Group of people who share the same belief system
West Bank Wall
Israel solution to stop Palestinian attacks
The majority of Israel is
banned by the Taliban in Afghanistan
Music, videos, non-Islamic names, execution of anyone who coverted, no education for women/girls, any western traditions, use of internet
Middle East
All three religions orginated in
To establish peace between the two groups
The goal of the U.S. during the Arab-Israeli conflict
All three religions are
Monotheistic - belief in one God
The Jewish holy text
The Muslim holy text
The ethnic group that ruled the Ottoman Empire
The "Five Pillars of Islam"
Statement of faith, Pray five times a day, Give to the poor, Fasting during Ramadan, Pilgrimage to Mecca
Muslim nations
What surrounds Israel
The largest ethnic group in the Middle East
Who should be the leader
Sunni and Shia Muslims are in conflict over
Why did the U.S. help in the Persian Gulf War
to free the people of Kuwait and keep Saadam Hussein from gaining more power
What is Zionism
the belief that Jews should be allowed to return to their homeland and create their own country
the religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah.
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
Their goal is "the liberation of Palestine"
Former President Jimmy Carter
Camp David Accords was an attempt at peace by
Terrorist group/political organization depending on viewpoint.
Who killed Prime Minister Rabin
Prejudice against Jews
Why did the U.S. invade Afghanistan
due to the Taliban not giving up Al-Qaeda
Who is more liberal in their views Hamas or Fatah
Establish a strict Islamic government
After the Afghanistan War
the Taliban was removed from power and a new government was established
What ended the Persian Gulf War
Iraq accepted a truce and agreed to withdraw from Kuwait
Who took responsibility for events of September 11th
European powers wanted
control the natural resources and the raw materials
The al-Qaeda leader
Osama Bin Ladin
Sunni, Shia, Kurds
After WWI what three groups were placed together in Iraq
First Arab nation to agree to peace
What is the Kaaba
the Sacred point inside the Sacred Mosque
led to many conflicts
European involvement in SW Asia (Middle East)
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