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Reactions to the Stamp Act

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British citizens were already paying taxes
Why were the British in favor of England taxing the colonies?
How were the colonies taxed at first?
British first attempted to raise money from the colonies instead of taxing imports
What did the colonists do?
Formed secret societies called the Sons of Liberty
What was the reaction to the stamp act?
Courts were shut down because people refused to buy stamps
No taxation without representation
Taxes came from parliament
The colonies had no representation in parliament
What did the colonies not have in England?
Influence parliament's decisions.
The colonies had their own assemblies, but those did not what?
Samuel Adams
Who coined the term, "No taxation without representation"? And who was he?
What WAS the committee of correspondence?
Its members shared ideas and information about the new British laws and ways to challenge them.
Boycotts began. What is a boycott and what happened?
To refrain from something that you do not agree with.
What was the reason for the boycotts?
The reason was to hurt the British economy
The colonists challenged parliaments authority.
Parliament is upset, so what did they do?
What did the declaratory act state?
Stated that parliament had the power to make laws for the colonies in all cases whatsoever.
Repealing the stamp act
Members of the Massachusets legislature invited representatives from all of the 13 colonies
The Townshend acts
What taxes replaced the stamp act?
What were the Townshend acts?
Light taxes in glass,lead,paints,paper, and tea.
Writ of assistance
What parliament also place?
What is the Writ of Assistance?
A writ that allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods without a warrant
They respond with boycotts
WHAT DO THE COLONISTS DO??? (I wonder what it IS!?)
Who supported the boycott?
Women called the daughters of liberty supported the boycott
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