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Boston Massacre & Boston Tea Party

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What actually happened during the Boston Massacre?
It was a small fight between the British troops and some colonists.
5 colonists
How many people were killed during the Boston Massacre?
How did the Boston Massacre start?
Colonists were trying to make the troops annoyed by yelling at them and one soldier was accidentally knocked over , which began the fight.
Why did the colonists go home later after the Boston Massacre?
They were promised that the troops would be tried for murder.
John Adams
The younger cousin of Samuel Adams, a successful lawyer
What did Adams say about the troops after the Boston Massacre?
He said that they were trying to act in self-defense when the colonists came.
Tea Act
What act caused the Boston Tea Party?
The British tea was too expensive ,so they bought smuggled Dutch tea.
Why did the colonists not buy British tea and what did they do instead?
Who made the Tea act and why?
Lord North created it to save the British East India Company.
What did the Tea Act do?
It lowered the cost of the tea sold by the British East India Company.
The Sons of Liberty dressed as Indians and went onto the ship.
What did the colonists do when the Tea ships arrived at the docks?
What happened during the Boston Tea Party?
The Sons of Liberty dumped 90,000 pounds of tea.
Thomas Hutchinson
1771 - became the royal governor of Massachusetts. He was a fifth-generation American, and part of the elite. Tried hard to unify the colonies and the British during the revolution.
he was to land the tea!!!!!
What was the colonial governor determined to do?
Roughly how many people came to discuss the tea issue?
stop the tea from coming onto land
What were the Sons of liberty determined to do?
Samuel Adams
From Massachusetts, he was one of the leaders of the radical faction and was even more radical than his cousin
What did the Sons of Liberty do?
they dressed up as Indians and through the 342 boxes of tea over-board.
around 59
How many people took place in this "tea party"?
Intolerable Acts(actually called Coercive Acts)
What did England PM do as a punishment?
What were the Coercive Acts?
closed the port of Boston until tea was payed off, replaced colonial governor, replace elected officials, force colonists to house the redcoats.
Townsend Act
The Boston Massacre was in response to?
The _______ Act taxed _______,_______,_______,_______,_______.
What happened during the Boston Massacre?
young delinquents through snowballs at a sentry.
Who defended the regulars in court?
clubs,snowballs, ice, sticks
What was thrown at the soldiers?
March 5, 1770
When was the Boston Massacre?
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