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Conflict On the Frontier

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Manifest Destiny
The belief the the U.S. not only had the divine (God-given) right, but that God meant for the U.S. to expand from coast to coast - from the Atlantic Ocean in the East to the Pacific in the West.
Areas of federal land set aside for American Indians.
As far as civilization had moved west; The beginning of Indian-held lands.
Complete destruction of buffalo herds, essential to way of life for Plains Indians.
Indian Agents
U.S. government officials who dealt with relocation of Indians to reservations; dishonest and stole food and medicine
Comanche Land including parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado.
Buffalo Soldiers
Nickname for African-American soldiers who fought in the wars against Native Americans living on the Great Plains during the 1870s
Expeditions by U.S. Army into frontier of West Texas to deal with Indian "problem"
Ranald MacKenzie
U.S. Army commander led campaigns against Comanches in West Texas.
Kiowa chief who spoke against the word of white man (U.S. government) at Medicine Lodge Creek in Kansas; called "Orator of the Plains" because of his eloquent speeches in English.
Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek
A treaty in which most of the Plains Indians agreed to live on reservations in Oklahoma in exchange for food, tobacco, and whiskey.
Cynthia Ann Parker
Daughter of white settlers; kidnapped at 9 by Comanche chief who she later married and had 3 children - one being Quanah Parker; returned later to white relatives before rejoining Comanches.
Quanah Parker
Last of great Comanche chiefs; fought to keep white settlers out of Comanche land; later led tribes to make peace with U.S. government just to survive. Said of his mother, Cynthia, "if she could l…
Red River Wars
Battles fought along Red River between Texas and Oklahoma; final attempt by Plains Indians to maintain land and nomadic way of life (buffalo hunting)
(a trading post)
Buffalo hunters defeated Indians because of new hunting rifles.
Battle of Palo Duro Canyon
Col. Ranald MacKenzie defeated Quanah Parker and Plains Indians; Killed Indians' horses and forced them to walk to Oklahoma reservations.
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