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Declaration of Faith: Article 9

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Holy Spirit
the third person in the Trinity, the advocate, the inspirer, the mystical one
Speaking in tongues as the Holy Spirit gives the utterance is a _______ communication.
The believer speaks in exact response to the _______ of the Holy Spirit.
a Christian sacrament signifying spiritual cleansing and rebirth. As a Catholic, it is usually done at birth as the cleansing of original sin.
prompted; provided
According to acts 2:4, speaking in tongues on the part of the believers was _______ by and _______ by the unction of the Holy Spirit.
The believers did not _______ their speaking in tongues.
Acts 10:44 records the event of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon _______.
speak with tongues
Those who accompanied Peter to Cornelius' house were convinced that the Holy Spirit had been given to Cornelius and his household because they heard them _______.
Christ; Christian; Holy Spirit
Before Paul administered water baptism to certain believers in Ephesus, he enlightened them on the message of _______, _______ baptism, and the gift of the _______.
laid hand on them
The Ephesian believers received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit when Paul _______.
spoke with tongues and prophesied
The Acts 19 record shows that the Ephesians _______.
initiated; dependent
Speaking in tongues is an experience _______ by and _______ upon the moving of the Holy Spirit.
Speaking in tongues is consistently used by the New Testament church as _______ of the baptism with the Holy Spirit.
all believers
The Old Testament prophecy of Joel 2:28-32 shows that the gift of the Holy Spirit is for _______.
disciple of Jesus and leader of the apostles
Peter also associated Joel's promise with the _______ of the gospel.
Acts 2:38, 39 describes the _______ application of Joel's promise concerning the Holy Spirit.
Paul showed that the experience of speaking in tongues would continue in the church by his instructions to the _______.
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