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Whiskey Rebellion

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Federal Government passes taxes on _______ to be paid by _______. __cents per _______
3 reasons
added value, preversed it, made it easier to transport to markets
Farmers refused to _______ skills at local tax office and purposefully _______ paying the _______.
Protest and _______ continued for _______ years. Farmers refused to _______ and _______ taxes. Tax collectors were _______ and officials were _______.
Farmers burned the _______Hill of _______ General _______ Neville's Masion
President _______ sent _______ to calm the insurrection -failed- Had 1300 troops to end the _______. When _______ arrived the rebellion had _______.
Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry
built a fleet of warship at Erie
The Burning of Washington D.C.
British ship were Active in Chesepake Bay
The Battle of Fort McHenry
-British were driven from Washington D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland
Francis Scott Key
witnessed the bomdarment
The Chespeake and the Shannon
American frigate met and was defeated by the British frigate
James Lawerence
Amercian Captain
The Battle of New Orlean
fought after the Peace treaty
Andrew Jackson
President from (1829-1833) and (1833-1837), Indian removal act, nullification crisis, Old Hickory," first southern/ western president," President for the common man, spoils system, trail of tears,
The Treaty of Ghent
-Representatives of the US and Great Britain met in Ghent, Belgium in Aug. 1814
6 reasons
Led to a raise in the feeling of American Nationalism
The Era of Good Feelings
-grew out of nationalism that swept the country after the war of 1812
Election of 1824
serval candidate ran for President
wanted business and manufacturing
John Quincy Adams of MA represented NW
wanted better transporation system and cheaper land
Henry Clay of Kentucky and Andrew Jackson of Tennesee represented West
wanted lower taxes on imported goods
John C. Calhon of South Carolina and William Crawford of Georgia represented South
Four candidates remained for the _______ votes. Jackson, _______, Adams, and _______. Jackson got _______%. Jackson got __% of the electoral votes. No one got the majority of the _______ so it was sent to the _______ of Representatives.
The race is between Jackson, Adams, and _______. Clay is in 4th place. Swung his _______ to _______ because both men support a system call "_______"
American System
was a plan that called for National Bank, a Proticative Tariff, and Internal Improvement
After the Election, Adams appoints _______ to be Sectrary of State. Jackson's supporters claimed that a "_______''
upper house of the legislature, each state elects two
Southern churches _______ slavery
back states rights
Southerners hoped that Jackson would
Westen hoped Jackson would
use Federal Money to build roads and canal
Northern hoped Jackson would
limit the Federal Government involvement in the economy
Each section saw Jackson supporting their _______.
Election of 1828, Jackson got __% of Popular Vote. Won the electoral college __% against _______.
Jackson was the _______ man from western state to be elected President. _______ people supported and elected him. He __ on the frontier. He was a military_______. American Success story being born in a…
right to vote
Candidates for President had been in closed meeting of part leaders call caucus
The Spoil System
the practice of filling government jobs with policational supporters
The President Veto
vetoed many bills then all the president combined before him
Nullification Crisi
is the belief that a state can declare an act of congress unconstitutional
National Bank
Jackson dislike banks and distrusted paper money
Indian Rights
Jackson ignored Indian rights guranetted by law, treaty, or court design
President Jackson believed it was _______ to move the Indians out of the _______ to the land west of the _______ River.
Indian felt that they had _______ with the white settlers but were being asked to _______ up their land and move west. They _______ that the greed of the settlers for _______ might never be satisfied.
Indian Removal Act
Under Andrew Jackson's presidency; (1830) a congressional act that authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River
The Cherokee Nation
Cherokee people had even recognized as a nation by treaty with US
The Trail of Tears
the Cherokees were forced to move 1000 miles west on foot
The Seminole Indians
Led by Osceula, Seminole fought removal
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