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James Madison & the War of 1812

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Treaty of Ghent
(December 24, 1814) Ended the War of 1812 and restored the status quo. For the most part, territory captured in the war was returned to the original owner. It also set up a commissio…
James Madison
father of the Constitution;4th President of the United States; member of the Continental Congress and rapporteur at the Constitutional Convention in 1776; helped frame the Bill of Rights (1751-1836)
Alexander Hamilton
Delegate to the Constitutional Convention and leader of the Federalists; first secretary of the treasury.
forced service, especially in a navy or other armed force
Macon's Bill No. 2
stated that if either France or Great Britain agreed to respect neutral rights, the United States would cut off trade with the other nation.
John C Calhoun
War Hawks like _______ supported war against the British and thought we could gain land from it
weak navy
The country was split about going to war
U.S and GB couldnt decide on who gets the _______ territory, so both share it for 10 yrs to make a decision in the future.
rise of national pride
End of British impressment
US troops remain in South Korea today.
True or False: Nero was assassinated
Sectionslism changes politics. What is sectionalism?
loyalty to the interests of one's own region of the country
John Quincy Adams
Secretary of State to Monroe
Andrew Jackson
President from (1829-1833) and (1833-1837), Indian removal act, nullification crisis, Old Hickory," first southern/ western president," President for the common man, spoils system, trail of tears,
In the Adams v Jackson election? Who recieves the most popular votes?
In the Adams v. Jackson election, who recieved a majority of electoral votes?
House of Reps
When there is no majority of electoral votes, who chooses the president?
The constitution.
What gives the house power to choose the pres when there is no majority of votes?
Whats the "Jacksonian Democracy"?
the idea of widening political power to more of the people
Expanding the voting rights to more people
What helped Jackson have an overwhelming win in 1828
Jackson's election
What was viewed as a victory for the common people?
Whats the Spoils System?
the practice of giving gov't jobs to political backers
sale of Public land in the west
Rising Sectional Differences: List three major economical issues
Roads and Canals
What are two examples of internal improvements the federal government is spending money on?
Define "state's rights".
the rights of the states to make decisions without inerference from the fedreal government
States rights
States being allowed to have unique laws as long as they are constitutional (such as closed buisnesses on Sundays) is an example of:
What is the Tariff of Abominations?
law that significantly raised tariffs on raw materials and manufactured goods
JohnC Calhoun
Who was Jacksons Vice President
The tariff of abominations
Which tariff led to the Nullification Crisis?
He was against it.
Was John C Calhoun against or for the tariff of abominations?
What is the Doctrine of Nullification?
idea that a state had the right to nullify, or reject, a federal law that it considers unconstitutional
Define "Secede"
To withdraw
In which direction was Native Americans forced?
Who was Sequoya and what did he do?
He was a brilliant Cherokee who invented a writing system for the Chrokee language
Define 'Literacy'
The ability to read and write
Define 'assimilate'
to absorb into a culture
What's the Indian Removal Act
an 1830 law that called for the gov't to negotiate treaties requiring Native Americans to relocate West
Indian territory
What do you call the area to which Native Americans were moved, covering what is now Oklahoma, and parts of Kansas and Nebraska
created in 1732; last of the British colonies and the only one to receive direct financial support from the home government in London
Trail of Tears
(1838-39) an 800-mile forced march made by the Cherokee from their homeland in Georgia to Indian Territory; resulted in the deaths of almost one-fourth of the Cherokee people
Nullification Acts
South Carolina passed the _______ to make the Tariff of Abominations illegal and void.
Worchester Vs Georgia
In which court case did John Marshall say Georgia's laws were unconstitutional against the Cherokee, who had protected rights?
Who was the leader during the second seminole war?
Who was Martin Van Buren?
Jackson's 2nd vice president. He later becomes pres.
Whats a charter?
A written grant
a sustained increase in the price of goods and services over a period of time (think of an inflated balloon full of air)
What was the Panic of 1837?
Widespread fear about the state of the economy that spread after Van Buren took Office.
Panic of 1837
What was it called when banks and buisnesses failed, farmers lost land, And there was unemploymed factory workers?
a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment
Who was Nicholas Biddle
President of the national bank
What was the Echota?
A treaty made by jefferson giving Cherokee compensation in return for their land
Whigs wanted a (larger/ smaller ) federal government
a political party that opposed James II
Democrats/ Jackson
Who did NOT want a centralized economy?
British political party that favored the colonists independence; term also used to describe American patriots
Whig party
political party formed by Henry clay, daniel Webster, and other Jackson dislikers
William Henry Harrison
governor and military commander in the Indian Territory. He feared the growing strength of the Indian confederation.
John Tyler
Who was the Whig president's running mate in the 1840 presidential election?
King Andrew
Whats Jacksons nickname
New Orleans
_______ claimed one of the largest and most successful slave markets.
Common people
Who was Jackson considered a chamo of?
what is two pros of Jacksons presidency
Expanded vote to common man and securedvwestern lands so poor farmers can have more land
Whats one con about Jackson's presidency
He destroyed the Nat'l Bank and gave loans to only wealthy
Who did jackson only give loans to, therefore destroying the banks?
favorite son
A famous man particularly popular and praised for his achievements in his native area
the number of votes cast for a candidate who recieves more than any other but does not recieve an absolute majority
What is majority
the greater part or number
the use of insults and accusations to damage the reputaion of others
system of managing government through departments run by appointed officials
whats spoils system
when a party gives govt jobs to its supporters and relatives after winning
nominating convention
a political convention held every four years
move to a new place and establish ones home or buisness there
A power that the Tribunes had when dealing with laws they felt were unjust for the Plebeians`
What did the Non Intercourse Act do?
Reopened trade with everyone except Britan and France
The Bill of Rights
What did James Madison write in the Constitution?
What did the Macon Bill No. 2 say?
Free commerce with Britain and France, only if neutral ships were respected.
Amercian soldiers recieved better treatment and pay
British soldiers leave British ships to sail on American ships because...
What happened in the Chesapeake Incident of 1807?
British seized American sailors and forced them to work on their ships. This is impressment.
Who were the War Hawks?
A group of Republicans led by John C Calhoun that wanted war with Britan
John C. Calhoun
Which leader of the War Hawks loved war?
What did the War Hawks want to do?
Wanted to invade British Canada, and take the Spanish out of Florida
The British
Who won the French and Indian War?
British Canada.
In which territory does America hope to expand into?
A poor transportation system
The two causes of America's want to expand is because of
Financial Depression
Americans believe that expanding their land will help end their...?
That the American Revolution win wasn't just luck
What does the US want to prove to Britain?
Madison declared war with whom?
poorly trained and led
American Weaknesses: The military was.....
Divided in 1791 into Upper (Ontario) and Lower (Quebec) halves
Americans are forced to fight a defensive war against who's professional army?
who leads the way in the world wide abolition movement?
Encourages the public to defeat the British.
After the British defeat in Washinton D.C., what does James Madison do?
Who was Francis Scott Key?
A prisoner on a British barge who wrote the Star Spangled Banner
Fort William Henry
Francis Scott Key witnesses the British bombardment of which fort?
Which town is Fort William Henry close to?
The Defence of Fort William Henry
What is the name of the poem that Francis Scott Key originally wrote?
The American Flag standing tall
What did Francis Scott Key see in the morning after hours of fighting?
The battle of New Orleans
Which battle did Andrew Jackson lead?
Southern Indians and New Orleans Residents.
Which two groups helped America win the Battle of Nw Orleans?
The Americans
Who won the Battle of New Orleans?
The Treaty of Ghent
-Representatives of the US and Great Britain met in Ghent, Belgium in Aug. 1814
What does the 49th parallel do? Who recieves more land? Why?
Divides land between US and Canada. US gains more land, because they recieve everything under the 49th latitude line.
What is the Joint Occupation of Oregon Territory?
When The US and Britian can't decide who gets territory, they share it for ten years, to decide later.
What did the Rush-Bagot Treaty Do?
For both US and Britian, it limits the amount of naval weapons and equipment between the Border of Lake Champlain and the Great Lakes.
Sun Yat-sen'd Three Principles of the People
a political philosophy to make China a free, prosperous, and powerful nation. The three principles are often translated into and summarized as nationalism, democracy, and the livelihood of the people.
foreign trade, transportation system
Impact of the war: America will embark on _______ and build a _______ in the US
Native American, Ohio River Valley
Impact of the war:_______ resistance will be removed from the _______ permanently, opening the Midwest for expansion.
America was still in an economic Depression
What were the cons of the War of the 1812 after it ended? (3)
Pros of the war of 1812 afterward. (3)
Ohio river Valley completely opened up for settlement
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