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Adams & the Election of 1800

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John Adams
The younger cousin of Samuel Adams, a successful lawyer
sent on a peace mission to france
John Marshall, Elbridge Gerry, & Charles Pickney
Bonaparte's foreign administrator who acts as a traitor by telling Alexander that Napoleon is overreaching himself and advises patience. Believes that balance in Europe will create peace. (pg. 396)
x y z bribe
x y z wanted the US to pay 250,000 to see Talleyrand
activity designed to overthrow a gov't
responce to subversion
Adams passed four laws
Naturalization Act
made it more difficult for foreigners to become US citizens saying they had to live in the US for 14 years instead of 5.
Alien Act and Alien Enemies Act
gave the president power to imprison or deport aliens suspected of activities posing a threat to the national gov't.
sedition Act
1798, (JA) , made it a crime to write, print, utter, or publish criticism of the president of government
The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
proposed to increase the power of the states and limit the power of the national gov't.
virginia resolution
states should be avle to nullify (cancel) federal laws they opposed
resolutions for virginia and kentucky
they were never passed but addressed states rights for the first time
John Adams 2
ran as the federalist candidate versus Thomas Jefferson
Problems that need to be solved.
Thomas Jefferson
drafted the Constitution; shared Locke's ideas
those who supported the Constitution and a strong federal government, most numerous on Atlantic Coast
Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
73 electoral votes
Jefferson and Burr each received this amount; the tie was sent to the House of Representatives to be broken
65 electoral votes
Adams received this amount
64 electoral votes
Pickney received this amount
In the House of Representatives
Federalists tried to block Jefferson's election by voting for Burr; Democratic Republicans continued to vote for Jefferson; the tie couldn't be broken
Alexander Hamilton
Delegate to the Constitutional Convention and leader of the Federalists; first secretary of the treasury.
Twelfth Amendment
later passed creating a separate ballot for president and vice-president in the Electoral College
The Duel between Hamilton and Burr
Hamilton challenged Burr, the sitting vice-president, who killed Hamilton
Who were the candidates running for president?
Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, John Adams, and Charles C. Pinckney
Thomas Jefferson.
Who won the election?
Why did he win?
because Alexander Hamilton voted for him and not Aaron Burr.
Why did Aaron Burr decide to challenge Alexander Hamilton to a duel?
they were long time enemies and because he voted for Jefferson instead of him.
Who won the duel overall?
Aaron burr got the killing shot but nobody knows why Alexander didn't just kill Aaron with the pistol.
What was the outcome of the duel?
Aaron burr was exiled to Europe for being accused of murder and being proven guilty.
To update the Judicial Branch and for the country to move west (Western Expansion).
What was Jefferson's goals for him to do as president while he was in office?
What did Press have to do with it?
Press was a way of advertising for the candidates. First time the press was used in campaigns. Adams-Monarchist/TJ was godless man
What is a federalist?
A federalist is a person who beleives in federalism, which is the beleif that powers need to be divided between the country and the states/provinces. Industry and trade
What is a Democratic-Republican?
Someone part of the Democratic-Republican party, which is a group of people who disagree with the constitution and want/desire to change it. Agriculture
Why was the election important?
12 amendment and peaceful transfer of power between parties
12 amendment
Under the Twelfth Amendment, each elector must cast distinct votes for President and Vice President, instead of two votes for President.
Adams and Pinckney
those in Ireland who wished to gain full independence for Ireland, didn't want a king to rule over them, and were prepared to use force if necessary
a tyrant
Adams was called
an atheist
Jefferson was called a
federalist fight
with themselves
tie, sent to the house of rep.
peaceful transition
What was so important about the 1800 election
12 th amendment in 1804
president and vp run together
stable currency
reasons for a national bank
democracy was worth a fight
why did rep support the french revolution
trade partners
why did the fed favor Britain
high tax on wheat
what lead to the wiskey rebellion
what did the government do
sent troops to stop it
Kentucky, Tenn, Vermont
three states added to the union after Washingtons second term
Whiskey Rebellion
a revolt by farmers in 1794 against tax in whiskey
A speech or action which stirs up people against the government
to refuse to recognize a federal law
States right theory
rights not spec given to fed gov by the const.
Henry Knox
Patriot who hauled captured cannons to Boston
Treasury Department
Alexander Hamilton
John Adams
Nelson Mandela became S. Africa's _______ in 1994.
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