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Louisiana Purchase

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Thomas Jefferson
drafted the Constitution; shared Locke's ideas
Napoleon Bonaparte
French emperor who first gained power after being caused to break up a royalist rebellion in Paris, protecting the Directory (which he eventually got rid of). Also, a former Jacobin.
Nelson Mandela became S. Africa's _______ in 1994.
The absolute ruler of an empire
Louisiana Purchase
Napoleon sold Louisiana territory for $15 million, hurt British
United States in 1783
In 1783, the US consisted of 892,135 sq. miles of land.
United States in 1804
In 1804, the US paid $15 million to France for 827,987 sq. miles of land. The total size of the US after the purchase was 1,720,122 sq. miles.
U.S., Spain, Britain, France, & Russia
The countries with territory in NA in 1800
Farming or the occupation, business, or science of cultivating the land, producing crops, and raising livestock.
cotton, rice and tobacco.
What 3 resources were dominating the Southern economy by 1810?
Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin
What was invented that led to the "cotton boom"?
Why did Thomas Jefferson by the Louisiana Territory?
Jefferson wanted New Orleans for trading purposes, King Napoleon from France was at war and need money so offered the whole Louisiana Territory for $15 million.
Westward Expansion
The Idea of U.S. Expanding to the West.
What impact did the Louisiana Territory have on the U.S.?
Doubled the size of the U.S. and Westward Expansion was now possible.
What did Jefferson have to do politically in order to buy the Louisiana territory?
He had to change his stance on strict construction and interpret the Constitution as a loose constructionist.
The Louisiana Government Act
makes the laws for the people in Louisiana Territory, self- government was not allowed.
explore the Louisiana Territory
What were Lewis and Clark commissioned to do?
What were some goals Jefferson asked them to accomplish?
1.) Find a northwest passage to the Pacific Ocean.
James Madison
father of the Constitution;4th President of the United States; member of the Continental Congress and rapporteur at the Constitutional Convention in 1776; helped frame the Bill of Rights (1751-1836)
3 events that led to the War of 1812
1.) U.S. ships and cargo were being harassed and seized by British and French.
Attempt to take control of Canada
What was America's first move or goal during the War of 1812?
Stopped the British from invading the U.S. from Canada
What did the victories on Lake Erie and Lake Champlain do for the Americans?
Why did 1,483 African join the British squadron on Cumberland Island?
British Admiral said any Africans on the island were free, slaves seeking freedom flocked to the island from all over the coastline
seizing Washington D.C.
When the British reached Chesapeake Bay what were they trying to accomplish?
What did the British army do when they reached Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.?
destroyed all public buildings including the Capitol Building and the White House; they also set fire to the Virginia countryside.
they were suffering a lot of causalities
Why did the British have to retreat from Fort McHenry?
Francis Scott Key
witnessed the bomdarment
Native Americans in War of 1812
Allied (partnered) with the British during the war
Treaty of Ghent
(December 24, 1814) Ended the War of 1812 and restored the status quo. For the most part, territory captured in the war was returned to the original owner. It also set up a commissio…
Importance of the War of 1812
Gave the United States a National Identity-
The action of buying something
an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty, a crucial stage or turning point in the course of something
appear very large or occupy a commanding position, come into view indistinctly, often threateningly
continental divide
The mountain ridge that separates river systems in North America is located in the Rocky Mountains.
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Led the Haitan Revolution, resulting in an overthrow of French colonial rule in Haiti.
Zebulon Pike
American soldier and explorer whom Pikes Peak in Colorada is named. His Pike expedition often compared to the Lewis and Clark expedition, mapped much of the southern portion of the Louisianna Purchase
A trip taken with the goal of exploring
the act of making something different
a conduit through which water flows
Meriwether Lewis
Jefferson chose his private secretary to lead the expedition - name him
William Clark
A skilled mapmaker and outdoorsman chosen to explore the Louisiana Territory.
territory in western United States purchased from France in 1803 for $15 million
A Shoshone woman whose language skills and knowledge of geography helped Lewis and Clark
Rocky Mountains
A major mountain system of the United states and Canada, extending 3,000 miles from Alaska south to New Mexico
Mississippi River
Control of this river would cut the Confederacy in half
Columbia River
This river forms a major part of the border between the states of Washington and Oregon. The Columbia empties into the Pacific Ocean.
MIssouri River
Lewis and Clark started on this river to go to the town of St. Charles; They used this as their highway through the unknown lands.
a place where two or more rivers or streams meet
Wetlands, Deltas, Prairies, Rivers, and Lakes
Louisiana includes many natural features such as
Raising livestock and Growing crops
The Acadians made a living on the Prairie by
Fish and Wildlife
The bayous of Louisiana are known for its
Henri de Tonti
Wore: Iron hand covered by a glove and Explored: Mississippi River
Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville
His younger brother was Jean-Baptiste
Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville
Who was born in New France, At 12 years old, he joined the French Navy and Helped found a colony that later expanded; this settlement was called New Orleans
Henry Miller Shreve
Who was Born: New Jersey, Shreve improved: early steamboat designs and waterways, and His work camp turned into a permanent settlement called: Shreveport
Basket weaving
What is an art form practiced by the Chitimacha?
Tribe whose name means "lost tribe"
Tribe made up of two different groups was
The Tunica
Who came from Mississippi and was well known for their skills as traders and business people.
The Biloxi
Who came from the area that is now Biloxi, Mississippi.
all Choctaw
In 1830, the Indian Removal Act forced _______ people to move to a reservation in Oklahoma.
the Jena Band of Choctaw.
The largest group of Choctaw to stay in Louisiana was
Habitat for Humanity
An organization that builds affordable homes with people all over the world
American Red Cross
A large organization that provides shelter and other aid when disasters occur.
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit Louisiana in
Gulf of Mexico
The oil obtained in offshore drilling in the_______ is used all over the country for many different purposes.
There are approximately _______petrochemical manufacturers in Louisiana.
What resource was France and Great Britain considering when land was divided
one - quarter
Approximately _______ of all the seafood caught in the US each year is caught by Louisiana's fishermen and women
Commonly grown crops in Louisiana are:
Sugar cane, cotton, sweet potatoes, pecans, and rice
_______ is very important to the economy of Louisiana.
Louisiana is known worldwide for its.
Mardi Gras.
The best known festival in Louisiana is
Norbert Rillieux
Who developed a method of processing sugar cane?
Scientists knew that there was _______ beneath the Earth's surface near Lake Charles.
_______is a field of science that involves the creation of tiny machines.
the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up
scattered, sent off in different directions
able to produce crops easily
small, canoe-like boats
filling again, renewing
belonging to each
large, ample
A power that the Tribunes had when dealing with laws they felt were unjust for the Plebeians`
gifts, usually money, to help a person or group
extended over or across, as a bridge
moved from one's usual place or home
young, youthful, immature
came into being, arose
those who live in a given place
received goods, money, or property after the death of another
Executive Branch
(President) Executes the laws. When a law is passed, it is up to the President (through departments and agencies) to enforce the laws - make them happen. The President also makes appointments and deals …
Legislative Branch
(Congress) Makes the laws. The two houses of the federal legislature are the House of Representatives (determined by population) and the Senate (has two senators from each state). Both representatives and senators are electe…
repaired or brought back to the original condition
make a great effort
judicial branch
part of government that interprets the law: court system
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